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When postpaid is a better fit for you

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Why consider a prepaid connection when you can get a lot of use out of your phone with the best postpaid plan? Read on to know if postpaid will be a better idea for you.

Most first time mobile phone users opt for prepaid plans. They wish to get a feel of the connection and the phone before they can commit to a postpaid plan. However, if you are a heavy user of your phone, i.e. if most of your daily tasks and communication happens via your smartphone, then you are a good candidate for a postpaid connection.

What is your usage like?

Most experts in telecom will tell you that if your daily phone usage is medium to high, then it is best to consider a postpaid connection. Unlike a prepaid connection, you pay a bill for your postpaid plan on a monthly basis, with no requirement for add-ons or top-ups. After the rollout of 4G Internet, most mobile service providers would offer monthly data packs from 3GB to 15GB. Today, however, you can have a pack where you get a starting data ration of 20GB which can go up to 100GB based on the package you select.

A huge amount of data is available on the best postpaid plans across service providers. Your usage of this data is determined by how much of web surfing you do in a day, how many minutes of calling and texting, etc. If say, you take up about 30 minutes or more of calls per day, then your usage may be defined as ‘medium’. Or if you are constantly on the phone to chat, work, surf and shop, then too your consumption would be defined as medium or heavy. In this case, it is better to go with a postpaid connection.

The best postpaid plans in India

However, the availability of a large amount of data is not the only factor that determines a good postpaid connection. The best postpaid plans are those that offer a large amount of monthly data, the chance to switch plans easily online, data rollover of unused data at the end of the month, unlimited calls and texts, etc.

  • Airtel currently has four of the best postpaid plans across all service providers. The plans are priced from Rs 399 to Rs 799 per month, offering unlimited calling (local, STD, roaming outgoing and incoming) and data rollover every month.
  • The Rs 399 plan offers 20 GB monthly data, while the Rs 799 plan offers 100 GB data.
  • Except for the Rs 399 plan, there is a free one-year subscription to Amazon Prime on the other plans.
  • The biggest advantages that Airtel’s best postpaid plans offer, are its robust network and always-on connectivity. You will experience little to no call drops, and zero network outages when you use the connection.
  • Besides, monthly bill payment is a breeze with the Airtel website or myAirtel app.

Have you got your postpaid connection yet?