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When is a Wooden Ladle the Best Choice?

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Well, a ladle is a symbol of a large family or a numerous party. It unites people at the table promising a part of delicious dish intended for a crowd. Here we speak only about thin meal like soups, porridges, stews or about drinks like a punch. As you understand this utensil is usually expected to be strong, beautiful and convenient. It is a part of the ceremony and in this case there is no room for mistakes. You should consider all the factors influencing the quality of ladle, its service life and ergonomic. First the material does matter. And we recommend you to prefer wood.

The ladle can be made almost of any material used in this industry. But still the wood remains to be the most popular one. The point is that the eco-friendly spoons ensure us that we can count on their safety and nonreactivity with foods. If the stainless steel sometimes can change a taste of some foods, the plastic is not as safe as we’d like it to be, the wood is a natural material which meets all the safety requirements. The producers use not all types of wood.

If we regard the key properties of wood first we should mention the closed pores, fine grains, and firmness. Guess what? The elegancy of an item depends not only on a master but also on the wood. It must be easy to process a chunk. There are spoons of bamboo, olive tree, but cherry is probably used the most frequently. There are also cooking tools made of maple and walnut. In general, any closed-grain hard type of wood is good. Why aren’t open-grained woods the best choice? This is because when contacting with food an item made of it absorbs the flavors and oil. Though, the endless stirring of various foodstuffs for ages causes musty and unpleasant tastes anyway. That is why the wooden utensils should be changed from time to time.

As to the processing there are also no harmful operations. The wooden ladles are made of a chunk shaped by machine or hand or both as it is needed. When an artist is satisfied with shaping, he takes a sanding block and rub the surfaces with it achieving the smoothest surface. Then a ready item is covered with oil for finish. Here we get a wooden ladle ready to be used under any circumstances.

And there are several purposes. The wooden ladle is perfect for serving. You should turn your attention to the fact that various tasks require different construction of this spoon. The bowl can be deeper or smaller, a handle can be longer or shorter. If you need a ladle to stir the foods when cooking, choose an item with a long handle preventing you from burning. When there is a need in a serving ladle, a short handle should be chosen, while a bowl should be larger so that you could take a larger portion at a time. The skimming wooden ladle is hardly a good idea as far as it is rather difficult to clean all those small holes.

The wooden ladle is good for stirring and serving. This material does not conduct heat like metal that is why it does not become hot after contact with cooked foods. The wooden utensil is light and you can continuously stir the foods. Still it is firm and reliable meaning that it can hardly be broken.

The utensils made of this material will never spoil a non-stick surface, though the ladle is intended for liquids and rarely touch the sides or bottom of a pot.

So, if you want to have a safe, stylish and convenient ladle, buy it made of wood! You will never regret! Just do not forget to clean it carefully after each use and enjoy the cooking. The maintenance includes greasing with particular mineral oil which prevents cracking.

There are a lot of producers worldwide but you’d better choose the reputable ones even if the price is higher. They can guarantee the best goods with highest performance, well-balanced and made of the appropriate wood.