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Tips For Using Wheel Casters

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Most people will never have to worry about choosing the right type of wheel caster for a specific cart or what the differences are between each type. However, for those that work in certain industries, choosing the right casters and hudson bearings will be a priority. It is essential to buy parts such as these from reputable online merchants only, such as the one found at

Hard Rubber Caster Uses

When you need increased mobility for your wheels, hard rubber casters are a good option. They are able to swivel in all directions and are more durable than plastic casters. Typically, rubber casters are mounted to the board by screws.

Hiding Casters On Carts

In some cases, it may be necessary to try and hide the casters on a cart. To do this, you can attach a skirt around the base of the cart where the casters are mounted.

Heavy-Duty Steel Casters

When you need to move heavy loads, the best casters for the job are made of steel. When your cart is loaded with heavy objects, the steel casters will make it much easier to roll over things such as power cords with ease.

Plate Mounting

Most casters used in a shop setting are plate-mounted. Plastic, light-duty casters will not work in most shops. They are not able to maneuver around corners and will not easily roll over cords.

Locks With Teeth

Hard, durable rubber casters will usually contain locks with teeth in them. This helps to keep the wheels stationary when you are not pushing the carts. These types of wheels have no problem rolling over cords when they are heavily loaded.

Large Casters

If you need casters that can constantly roll over cords with ease, choose a large caster for the cart. If you mount four wheels that can swivel, you will get the best maneuverability.

Finding the right type of casters for the job intended doesn’t have to be difficult. Each application can benefit from different types and sizes of caster wheels. If you need to stop a cart at some point, install locking wheel mechanisms to keep your cart from rolling away.