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What to Know About Xarelto Cases and Other Dangers of Blood Thinners

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Doctors sometimes prescribe blood thinners as part of treatment for heart problems or to lower the risk of blood clots in people with other medical conditions. While these medications can reduce the risk of potentially dangerous clotting, there are certain risks associated with their use.

Heavy Bleeding

One of the biggest risks of taking certain blood thinners, such as warfarin or Xarelto, is that you can end up with dangerous bleeding. These medications prevent blood from forming clots, but they can also lead to excessive bleeding. In some cases, this bleeding can occur due to injuries. In other cases, severe bleeding can happen internally, such as in the stomach. In fact, there have been Xarelto cases filed by individuals who have suffered from this dangerous side effect and those who have lost loved ones due to the risks of this medication.

Warning Signs of Dangerous Bleeding

If you take any type of blood thinner, you should watch for signs of bleeding that is heavier than normal. Keep in mind that some symptoms can indicate internal bleeding that requires immediate medical care. Some of these signs and symptoms include passing blood in your stool or urine, having frequent nosebleeds, coughing up blood and vomiting blood. Other signs to watch for include sudden and severe stomach aches and headaches, dizziness and weakness. If you or a loved one have been experiencing any of these signs, seek medical care right away.

Treatments for Heavy Bleeding

Those who experience heavy bleeding from warfarin can be treated with an antidote that stops it from occurring. This antidote, which contains vitamin K, helps prevent an excessive loss of blood. One of the reasons for a high number of Xarelto cases is that many individuals who have experienced dangerous bleeding did not have an antidote available. In fact, the FDA only recently approved one for Xarelto bleeding.

Other Dangers of Blood Thinners

Blood thinner can also cause other potentially serious side effects. Some individuals who have used Xarelto have reported harmful effects in addition to heavy bleeding. These other side effects include a higher occurrence of blood clots, stroke,and deep vein thrombosis. Some individuals have also had pulmonary embolism from taking Xarelto. In some cases, side effects have been severe enough to cause fatal complications.

What to Do About Blood Thinner Problems

If you or someone you know has experienced heavy bleeding or other serious risks associated with blood thinning medications, you should know that some individuals have filed lawsuits seeking compensation for their suffering or loss. For example, there are Xarelto cases and Pradaxa cases filed due to the harmful and potentially life-threatening effects of these medications.