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Ways Technology Is Changing Education

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Ever since the inception of technology, there has been a plethora of advancements and innovations that have led us to where we currently are. Our life without technology is almost unimaginable as most of our needs are entirely dependant on it. Similarly, the education system may undergo a paradigm shift because of how technology is integrating itself with learning. For starters, information is always available at our fingertips. We could access the Periodic Table at a whim, or learn about String Theory from a very brief YouTube video. Similarly, here are a few other ways how technology is changing education.

Future Classrooms

The days of the traditional blackboard-oriented teaching are starting to be numbered. Now, schools are leaning more towards “Smart Classrooms”, where teaching aids like projectors and interactive boards are used to disseminate information. But lately, these practices are falling out in favour of more advanced technology that has integrated itself into the field of education – Virtual Reality.

This concept emphasizes more on interactivity and total immersion. For instance, a student can explore and interact with elements in a scenario, learning the concepts by experiencing it firsthand in a high fidelity, virtual environment. For instance, a student can better understand redox reaction or delve into atomic structures of various elements through an immersive VR program.


Ages ago, video games and education were looked upon as two very different elements that cannot be integrated with one another. But today, advancements in technology has totally changed our perception towards them. Elements of gameplay (such as scoring, rules, objectives, competition, etc.) are integrated into an educational environment to make the learning experience very interactive.

This technique is very effective as there are high levels of engagement from the students. Gaming has always been a part of the culture and therefore, the rate of adoption is very quick. Moreover, transitioning from traditional approaches to gamified-approaches are easy. Furthermore, the sense of achievement is also more pronounced as students can be rewarded in many ways (less homework) and progress can be tracked (milestone rewards/points).

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