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Vaping and e-cigarette myths finally debunked

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There are plenty of myths and rumors surrounding the use of E Cigarettes and e-liquids that are confusing many consumers everywhere. One research study will praise the use of e-cigarettes and vape, whereas the next one completed the week after will suggest that vaping should be banned everywhere. We look at some of the most common myths around on e-cigarettes and the truth behind some of the misconceptions out there.

1. You just don’t know what’s in e-liquids/E-liquids are dangerous

One of the most common myths amongst non-vapers or those who don’t have much information on vaping, in general, is that the e-liquids used whilst vaping are full of chemicals or, you simply just don’t know what’s in e-liquids. The fact is, there is commonly only three to four ingredients in e-liquids. These ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural or artificial food grade flavoring and nicotine (if selected and this is totally optional). All of the ingredients in e-liquids (apart from nicotine) are found in normal, everyday products such as cosmetics, food, and drink.

2. E-liquids contain anti-freeze

As silly as this may sound, this is actually a legitimate rumor that has been spread about vaping. Because of one of the ingredients in e-liquids, propylene glycol, being in anti-freeze, this has somehow translated to the fact that anti-freeze is in e-liquids and e-juice. This is like saying you’re drinking water when you’re drinking soda or beer. There are other foods and drinks on the market that contain this exact same ingredient. In fact, the reason propylene glycol is in anti-freeze is to try and make it a safer product in the event that it gets swallowed.

3. Vaping will give you popcorn lung

This rumor still comes up every so often and when it first came about, it took the vaping industry by storm. The main reason for the rumor was due to e-liquids containing diacetyl, which was what caused many popcorn factory workers from getting popcorn lung due to the butter flavoring they were exposed to. Part of the rumor was that butter and custard flavored liquids posed a higher risk. However, the levels of diacetyl are 750 times smaller in e-cigarettes compared to nicotine cigarettes. The levels of diacetyl in e-liquids are considerably less and insignificant compared to smoking traditional cigarettes.

4. E-cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco use in teenagers

Of course, as a parent, we want to ensure the health and safety of our children. Even when vaping is considered relatively safe, you, of course, don’t want this habit to become something that eventuates into dangerous tobacco use. There have been a number of studies that have looked at the correlation between e-cigarette use (with e-liquids containing nicotine) and how many of those users go on to smoke traditional cigarettes. In a study of 1,300 college students, 43 of these students admitted that their first experience of nicotine was through e-cigarette use. Of these 43 students, only 1 of them went on to traditional cigarette smoking. As well as this, many students are learning of the dangers of traditional cigarette smoking in schools, which is putting them off from using cigarettes in the first instance.

5. Non-smokers will want to start vaping

In reality, vaping, e-cigarettes, mods, and tanks are all aimed to those who are current smokers to help them to either reduce their nicotine intake or help with smoking cessation. They are generally not marketed to young teens or non-smokers, but rather those looking to quit smoking. According to a study in 2014, only 3.2{0cef9dccb5477c5ed884ba88c848b93c891bff1d00170633a49238318e6c9878} of adults in the study who had never smoked before had tried e-cigarettes. The age group of people who had the highest percentage of trying vaping without ever smoking cigarettes was the 18-24 age group. Those under 18 are not targeted in marketing promotions and the real purpose of vaping is to help people to stop smoking.

6. E-cigarettes don’t help you to quit smoking

This is one of the most inaccurate rumors about vaping there is. If you ask many people using e-cigarettes, they will likely tell you how they have managed to quit smoking thanks to vaping. Nicotine addiction is a challenge to get around. Even with patches and other quit smoking tools, some people still cannot seem to quit. Vaping offers a new alternative to smoking and quits smoking tools. Some find the hand to mouth action is part of the addiction with smoking, as well as the social aspect. Many people miss the social part of smoking, but vaping allows users to still have a hand to mouth action, as well as still socialize with their smoker friends.

7. Cutting back on smoking has no real health benefit, anyway…

It has been suggested that cutting back on cigarettes has no real benefit. Of course, the eventual goal is to quit smoking altogether, but even a reduction in a number of cigarettes consumed each day can have a positive effect on your health and body. Many people who have switched to vaping have started by reducing a number of cigarettes they consume daily, which is reducing a number of chemicals being inhaled each day. A person smoking a couple of cigarettes a day is less likely to have respiratory problems, compared to someone smoking a pack or two a day. Of course, any tobacco smoking can be harmful, but to say that a reduction in cigarette smoking has no benefit at all would be a false claim.

There are always going to be myths and rumors associated with any so-called ‘unconventional’ product on the market. The problem with these rumors and myths is that they’re not backed up by any kind of education, sources or reliable pieces of information. With the right education and facts, you’ll be able to debunk and analyze any myths that arise from vaping and e-cigarettes. It’s always important to decide on what is right for you personally and what you think will help you and your health.

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