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Understanding the cure to obesity

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Many people have a misconception that people who are badly overweight or obese have ruined their bodies and must remain in that undesirable state for the rest of their natural lives.

In actual fact, obesity, like many other diseases, has a cure. The cure is massive calorie deficit, achieved by strenuous physical exercise combined with an extremely low-fat, low-sugar diet.

How to lose weight is a much talked about topic throughout the world. Simply put, the way to lose weight is to burn up significantly more calories than you consume. This is called calorie deficit and is the opposite of calorie surplus, which is when your body takes in and stores more calories than it expends, causing you to gain weight.

It is much easier to gain weight through calorie surplus than it is to lose it through calorie deficit, because the body is designed to take in and store fat long-term in order to survive.

For an obese person, a calorie deficit of between five-hundred and one-thousand calories a day over a period of multiple months is needed in order to be cured.

The only reliable way to achieve this cure is with a combination of a strict diet and a strenuous exercise regime. The chances of an obese person getting fully cured without exercising, through dietary methods alone, are very slim, and even if successful, the process would be much slower.

The most reliable and effective way to cure obesity is for the sufferer to burn a large number of calories each day while consuming nowhere near as many, and to do so for a lot of days consecutively.

The process for implementing this cure is illustrated in the infographic in this post, created by the Discovery Learning obesity and diabetes management experts.

You should notice that great importance is also placed upon mental as well as physical factors.

First, the sufferer must accept that their own behaviour and eating patterns are the cause of the disease they are suffering from.

A lot of obese people blame their condition on the genes they inherited from their parents, or the fact their busy lifestyles mean they need to eat a lot of fast food. Such excuses cannot be tolerated.

If the cure is to be permanent and not a short-term fix, the sufferer must own the effects that eating unhealthily has had on their bodies.