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Understand the Duties Of a Security Guard Before Hiring One

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You may be opening a new office or store or showroom, and are just thinking of security as a protocol. But here are many more things that need to be weighed before you simply jump on to contact just any security company in UAE and get a few guards. In fact you will have to understand what the job of the security guard should be, and what should be his responsibility towards you.

In fact danger never knocks before coming, and if your security guard is barely an armed man in uniform only, and doesn’t know many skills, then you would be at the mercy of the fate. Moreover on knowing what you ought to get from your security guard will help you ask about all these things to the service provider prior to appointing them.


The guard has to be visible from a distance

Being visible not just from a close proximity but also from a longer distance is what makes the security guard’s body language bold and clear before any thief, burglar or criminal. That is why a security guard has to be visible. Though sitting stools are provided for the comfort of guards, yet the minimum use of them is intended, and the guard should be in movement, and look around instead of standing at one place. If the duty is specifically to stand at one place like beside a mainentrance, then the guard has to stay there standing boldly through the day, and watch out at passersby carefully. A good security company in Dubai would train their guards in that way.

Careful vigilance

Vigilance is one very important aspect of guarding. The guard must be trained enough to detect any unusual sight, smell, sound etc. and on detecting it, the guard has to instantly react. A security guard has to be prompt and reactive instantly and gets into call for action. Making out sense of any usual sound or sight or to understand any attempt made by others to distract his attention are important. A guard with enough maturity of these senses is the apt one. The security company in Dubai you connect to must have guards with such qualities to prove beneficial for you.

As per the type of crisis the reaction will vary, but the urge to react instantly, and take care of the problem is the most important things which differentiate a guard from an ordinary person. Most security companies in Dubai train their guards to nurture such qualities.