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Ultimate Luxury Leather Corner Sofas

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The leather sofa has always been regarded as the best sofa money can buy due to the luxurious leather touch and extravagant feel. Leather is certainly more expensive than plain fabric or synthetic vinyl, so it is no wonder that leather corner sofas are considered the ultimate luxury.

While serving the same basic purpose as a standard sofa or loveseat, the corner sofa is uniquely designed and therefore a prized possession in any home. The look is extravagant, taking up the space of two leather sofas but in one complete piece. Larger furniture pieces have always been considered more majestic and luxurious than smaller ones. The same rule applies to luxury leather corner sofas.

 interior Leather Sofa in white Xmas

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However, just because a corner sofa looks expensive doesn’t mean it has to be. Due to advances in construction and materials, the price of a sofa is now more affordable than ever, and you don’t even need to sacrifice by going with a fabric option. While the fabric may take the upper hand in that it comes in many colors, leather can by dyed to any color and is much easier to maintain and therefore cleaner to own. If you desire that luxury look, you can still get a leather sofa with a low grade and save on costs.

Leather on sofas are usually graded on a scale of 1 to 8, with 8 being the best quality. While a grade-8 leather sofa is only made of the softest leather, it is much more fragile and may not be suitable for small children or pets. Going for lower grade leather isn’t all that bad either, as it means more shininess and durability due to synthetic coating.

Another way that manufacturers have factored in costs savings is by using different types of material on different parts of the sofa. Since leather corner sofas are usually placed in corner areas, manufacturers get away with using a synthetic leather or vinyl on the back and sides, reserving genuine cowhide for the seat cushions and backs. No one has to know about your little secret and the effect is the same luxurious corner leather sofa in your living room.

Today’s synthetic leather is not a shabby option either. Besides all the cost savings, you will end up with a highly durable sofa that you can easily maintain and enjoy for years. Best of all, it looks like leather and you would be hard pressed to tell the different. Today, a popular alternative material is microfiber. These enjoy the softness of high grade genuine leather but are much more durable. If you have active children but still want that soft feel of high grade leather, then consider the microfiber corner sofa.

Leather sofas also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are leather sectional sofas which are amazing modular pieces of furniture that you buy as a leather corner suite and can arrange in a number of beautiful configurations. There are also corner sofa beds, which not only act as a luxurious seating area during the day but can convert to a surprisingly comfortable bed for an extra house guest.

Regardless of your choice, a corner sofa has and will continue to scream luxury to your guests. Its extravagance is unrivaled by any other furniture in your living room. Since it is such a focal centerpiece of any interior design, it makes sense to anchor the entire room with a solid piece of furniture and then decorate around it. Leather corner sofas are the best way to start decorating for a luxury ambiance.