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Try Few Best Foods in London When You are Here

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London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. When you are here, you get a homely feeling. If you have read a lot about London before visiting the place, you will find plenty of familiar names and a feeling that you have already visited these places.

However, it will be worthwhile to explore different foods of London and if you are on London Food Tours then read further.

  • Start with English breakfast

You can start exploring by taking English breakfast, which is quite cheap however you are warned that if you eat it completely then you will not be able to walk rest of the day because it is so filling.

  • Try Nordic Pear Porridge

There are 26 grains and also it contains coconut milk oats, pear, cacao crumble and maple.

  • Leon’s Porridge of the Gods

You may not find it everywhere and this porridge is topped with Montezuma chocolate flakes, banana, and raw organic honey.

  • Sausage Bap from Boston Sausage

Once you are in London, don’t miss this food.

  • Beigel from Brick Lane

You can try this beigel in 2 famous shops in Brick lane who are just next to each other – Beigel Bake and The Beigel Shop. Beigel bake is open 24 hours and serves freshly baked bagels to their customers.

  • Sausage roll from Artisan Bakery of Gail

Right down the street near Bloomsbury you can try this delightful baked item made fresh every day.

  • Cereal from “Cereal Killer Café”

Visit the novelty shop, Cereal Killer Café which is located in east end where you can get almost every brand of cereal whether it is American or international brand.

  • Eat Bill’s Avocado toast

Don’t forget to taste this toast that can be served as brunch staple.

  • Goat Cheese Waffle

Here you will get pan-fried goat cheese which is served with a slice of fig and topped with honey.