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Top Reasons to Love Thai Food

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Thai people are thin more often than not and they say it has a lot to do with the food they eat. No wonder Thai food has captured the hearts not just of the people in Thailand but the rest in Asia as well, including Singapore.

Thai Food 101

A Thai restaurant or a restaurant that serves Thai food basically has several pages of food but usually breaks them into a few more particular categories. These may be noodles, rice, soups, curries, and bbq, steamed, or fried seafood. Their noodles are usually quickly stir fried with veggies, lean protein, and herbs, their rice stir fried with protein and veggies; their soups are usually hot and packed with veggies, noodles, and meat; and their curries are also sprinkled with spices and coconut milk that may come in a variety of colors or flavors.

Why should we love Thai food? Let’s find out below!

  • Thai food portions are usually small but have everything you need unlike the American standards where you are given more than what you should fairly consume. For instance, if you choose to try chicken stir fry, the chef will usually heat up a wok, add a spoonful of oil, and then will quickly sauté about a cup of chopped up chicken. The chicken stir fry will then be served with a scoop of rice and sliced cucumbers. The entire sumptuous and fully satisfying meal is going to bear around 400-500 calories and the most important thing is it is healthy.
  • Vegetables are everywhere in Thai food! For instance, if you order fried rice, you better expect it to have fresh garlic, carrots, peace, and green onions. Their famous Pad Thai fried noodles, on the other hand, are usually made with cooked shallots, crunchy bean sprouts and green onions. Also, expect mushrooms, lemon grass, tomatoes, and more green onions in their Tom Yum delicacy. Thai chefs love the vegetable ingredient because aside from its nutritious content, it also adds color and texture even in simple dishes.
  • Thai fast food is probably the only fast food in the world that is healthy. That is because like the usual restaurants where they use up fresh ingredients, everything in Thai fast food is also fresh; never frozen. For instance, street vendors’ carts will always have a work and small bowls with everything they would need to cook dishes in a short span of time.
  • Every Thai food is wholesome and simple; whether it is soup, noodle, or rice recipe.
  • Thai food lovers will be spoiled, pricewise.

Generally, Thai food servings are known to be moderate because to put it simpler, too much is bad for the health. However, there will always be something on the other side of the spectrum. Below are some of the less healthy side of Thai cuisine that you should keep in mind before trying out any Thai restaurants in Singapore.

  • They use up oil heavily in some dishes. Wherever Thai restaurant you go, there will always be fried rice. The thing is there are restaurants who use up only a few teaspoons of oil while there are also others who uses oil quite excessively that is about a tablespoon or two. While oil adds richness, flavors, and toasts the rice, the calories it bears can rise up without you noticing.
  • Coconut milk is a perfect ingredient but you better shrug off the calories it can have. Their mouth-watering curry recipes usually use up one to two cups of coconut milk and this makes the recipe real rich and tasty. However, since the coconut milk is calorically dense, eating curry every day is not recommended.
  • When it is Thai food, it’s more likely carbs.

Nonetheless, with proper control and right choice of food, one will surely never go wrong with Thai food.