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Top Fashion Trends To Complete Your Look

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Gone are the times when only the celebrities and models were smitten by the changing fashion trends. Digital media has made our world even smaller and the confident women of today desire to emulate the designs by the famous designers. So before you step out for a dinner date or a beautiful summery afternoon, don’t forget to check the top fashion trends.

Pink dominated the spring fashion and continued to be the designer’s favourite. The bubblegum shade is all set to rule the year as well and did a great job by making its presence known in both the sweet or saturated and bold outfits. A number of brands have punctuated the alleys with rose-hued ensembles.


Latest Trends Ruling the Alleys and Runways

Stripes:  These are pretty much in these days and have become a staple. In the past, stripes were associated with formal wear however today stripe dresses, bottom-wear have become quite popular and will continue in the future. Contemporary updates can be seen in knits, sheer fabrics and asymmetrical cuts.

Sneakers:  Those funky, tiny, chunky or flat sneakers with glitter or satin patterns are a must-have for your wardrobe. You can team them up effortlessly with a dress or jeans. The wide variety gives you enough reasons to grab multiple pairs to add to your collection.

Long vests:  Almost everyone seems to be bitten by the long vests bug and their beauty lies in the fact that they can be worn during anytime of the year; at least as long as they continue to be in trend. They render a slimming effect on the body so this is a shout-out to all the conscious ladies worried about the extra layer of fat. It’s time to ditch your old jackets and blazers and welcome long vests.

Statement earrings:  The obsession for earrings continues this year and mismatched earrings are what we are rooting for. These beautiful and craftily mismatched pieces are certainly there to catch a lot of attention and awe from the people. Most of these bold baubles even extend well past the shoulders thus making you stand out.

Tee shirts with messages:  Let your tee shirts reflect your personality and do all the taking with the amazing messages they showcase. Graphic tees dominated the runways this season and the designers focused on empowering messages to represent the confident young women. So keep calm and let your graphic tee speak for you.

Comeback of the 80s:  Metallics and one-shoulder dresses made an amazing comeback on the runways. So it is time to get bolder and trade your night-attire for something sexier. So don’t shy away from full sleeves, high shine and body conscious fits. Brands such as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo were quick to adapt to the 80s party style attire on the runways.

Shirt dresses:  Long shirts became a rage when they hit the stands sometime back but this season takes these classic shirts a notch higher with shirt-dress. Drop waists and other types of waistlines, double high slits and interesting hemlines have added to the oomph factor. There is pretty much in store to experiment with depending on the style you pick up.

Trench coats: This season offers you something absolutely different from the run off the mill trench coats. You have slouchy fabrics, broad belts and kimono-style coats to choose from and investing in this makeover of trench coats is certainly worth it.

Volume and more volume:  Ruffles and sleeves with more volume add more drama to your ordinary every day dresses. Asymmetrical dresses or voluminous skirts have garnered a lot of popularity and give you a hint of the Victorian era.

Bra tops: Still banking on the crop top trend? It’s time to flaunt and show your confidence by skipping the top all together. Overexposure is the new norm this spring with bra tops and bandeaus paired with evening skirts, cropped jeans and others that put your midriffs on full display. You can cover up slightly if you wish to opt for modesty by sporting sheer tops over the normal tops or completing the look with a jacket. So buckle up, hit the gym and start with your abs routine.

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