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Top 5 Facts about the mysterious DMT molecule

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mysterious DMT molecule

The DMT is an ever present component in the ayahuasca drink which is comprised mainly of banisteropsis caapi and the psychotria viridis.  It provides a hallucinogenic effect of the plant vine on the person who is drinking it, of course under the leadership of an experienced shaman. In this article, it shall be discussed as to what are the main facts of this highly mysterious DMT molecule. Interestingly enough, this plant vine has been banned in many countries because of the DMT content.

 More details

It has been discovered that the DMT is produced in the pineal glands and has its source in the bodies of the mammals. According to some sources it is produced in the pineal gland while some are even produced for the intake of the brain.  It is basically responsible for the hallucinogenic and out worldly experiences or visions which the people may have after drinking ayahuasca.  Researches and studies are on to know about the component, origin and properties of the DMT. In a research by Cohen and Vogel,  a lot of material about DMT has come to light. Generally speaking, DMT is a drug which is taken recreationally or when it goes in the human body through smoke inhalation or through injection syringes.  The users of DMT speak of being transported to the divine world, interacting with other entities and also reporting a brand new life condition after the treatment. It is basically like a very stimulating experience when you are able to see your extended self in isolation with your physical body. You can also watch the sayings of Dr Steven Barker on the DMT and ayahuasca.

End word

The basic bottom line is that the DMT plays a very crucial part in the consumption of the yage brew and consequently it transports the people to other levels of consciousness where they can deal with the hidden realities better. Often people have seemingly happy lies above deep and long running scars. So sometimes it is better to let out your feelings instead of keeping them bottled up inside. Thus you can be rest assured that the ayahuasca intake will help you to battle your demons. Thus, you can be able to expand your mind with ayahuasca courses for a longer and better living happy life. Peru is the best place for the ultimate shamanic experience with overwhelming ayahuasca.

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