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It Is Worth Visiting Rome Once

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If you are heading to Rome to enjoy the fabulous food or to enjoy its varied historical places, there are plenty of things for you to do and savour in this beautiful city. Here are some useful tips to make the most of your visit. These are meant for you to save time and improve your experience when visiting this magnificent city.

Plan Ahead for Popular Tourist Sites

Always reserve your tickets to popular sites in Rome such as the Borghese Gallery and Vatican Museums to avoid wasting time standing in line for the tickets. You can buy one of those Roma Passes, which allow you a three day metro pass along with entry to top sites in Rome using a much shorter line.


Always Carry a Water Bottle and an Umbrella/Bandana

Rome can be quite hot during summers especially in July and August, and while water bottles may cost just a few bucks, it will add up really fast. It is best to carry a refillable container and fill it up from public drinking fountains throughout the city. An umbrella can also come handy to provide you shade from the sun and in case of any sudden rain.   You might also carry cooling towel or bandana as it can get quite hot and sweaty.

Save on Accommodation

People can easily save money on accommodation when visiting Rome. Since you will be busy exploring the city for most part of your trip, you can find plenty of cheap options rather than spending on luxury hotels. For those who are visiting just for a day or two can take advantage of luggage deposit Rome service. They provide luggage storage facility so that you can roam around the city without having to pay for a room just to keep your luggage. You need to make sure that the luggage storage Rome provider you pick is highly recommended by tourists.

Airport Transfers Budget

In Rome, you have two choices to get to and fro the airport – cab and metro. If you are four people, a cab ride to the city centre will cost around 50 Euro and is the most economical option. But, if you are just the two of you, it is best to take the metro. The express train will cost you about 15 Euro per person and take you right to the Termini Station within 45 minutes.