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Tips to Visiting in Barcelona First time – 2019

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Barcelona is no doubt a great treat for tourists due to attractive beaches, stunning architecture, great nightlife, food etc. There are many other reasons too why Barcelona is among the top travel destination.

However, if you are visiting Barcelona for the first time then few tips that can be very useful for you are as follows –

Don’t spend too much time around Las Ramblas

This area is wide, long and tree-lined street and it will take you to sea from Placa Catalunya. This is no doubt that it is one of the top 10 Free attractions in Barcelona however, you should not spend too much time here. Usually, this place is crowded and food you get is too expensive. Also, often there is a chance of getting scammed or your pocket picked. Spend some time but don’t plan to stay long.

Don’t pay for the walking tour

You can discover Barcelona by taking a stroll around as the atmosphere is super charming. Also, the distance between famous landmarks are pretty small. Therefore, within couple of hours, you can cover most of the places. Never pay for the walking tour that most of the people often do during their first trip to this place. Free walking places are much better than paid walking places and you can get guides easily whom you can pay tips.

Before arriving at Barcelona book your ticket for Sagrada Familia

This place is most famous building and one must never miss to visit this place. However, it is essential that you book your ticket either online or by any other means in advance. It is not because of just long queue but tickets are sold in advance for 2 to 3 days. You may end up getting a ticket for day after tomorrow by standing in the queue.

Try eating with locals as per their timings

Prefer to eat as per the local time, as you will get really delicious food during this time. If you prefer to maintain lunch and breakfast time as per your schedule then you will have very little choice. So, sleep more in the morning.

Must try at least once sweet red vermouth

This is one of the local choices of drink which is gin and red wine combination. This is a favourite drink for local people and they spell it as Vermut and pronounced as Bermoot. You will not find any drink so delightful and stimulating.

Stay at places that suits your personality

In case, you want to stay near the beach then book your hotel near Barceloneta area. If you are with your family and kids then prefer Eixample area. Prefer to stay near bear bars and restaurants then staying at El Born.

Need not always book Uber

You can save lots of your money by travelling in public transports which is pretty good and convenient too. You can get also get plenty of taxis too.

Prefer to visit Park Guell during sunset

Book your ticket in advance and prefer to visit here during sun set. Usually tickets are booked as per time slot and getting ticket during sunset is most difficult.