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Retrieve Deleted Photos From Android Phone SD Card

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You had some top favorite snaps on your android phone’s SD card. But all on a sudden you have lost them. Now if you want to retrieve them from the SD card, is it possible to do the same? It is a common question as most of the users do not keep a backup for the snaps on Android phone! Fortunately, this retrieval process for deleted file recovery is possible if you know the way step by step!

Use Of File Recovery Tool

Use of deleted file recovery software is a great way to retrieve some deleted files. One such tool is Hdata Recovery software. It supports the supper scan module for Android phone SD card, so if the photos are saved in the Android phone SD card, you will be able to take all these photos back.

Hdata Recovery tool is the best instrument to retrieve deleted files from android phone’s SD card. How it I possible? Hdata Recovery tool provides supports for a super intuitive file testing procedure, which will run for a  scan to retrieve all lost data in the SD card, as well as it will try to restore such files to bring them back. One of the best advantages of using this tool is if the SD card is formatted even,the tool can retrieve the data, as all the data may find stored on the SD card by default.

Start Smart Scan For The Android Phone

Smart Scan is the special module for Hdata Recovery. According to this technology, it will be able to recognize the files from Android phone or hard drive and choose a suitable method to get the lost files back automatically.

Recover Files From Android Phone

Hdata Recovery tool simplifies the recovery process of an android phone’s lost data. The process is simple and can be performed in 2 steps:

  • Connect the SD card to PC with a card reader or with a USB cable. Make sure that you can check the SD card partition on PC.
  • Launch Hdata Recovery tool and click on the USB flash disk recovery button.

How To Fix A Dead SD Card

In some instances, your SD card may come unreadable for you. There are different reasons behind it like, file system gets broken, or others. As a general solution, you need to right click on the partition of the SD card, next on Properties – then Tools tab – and then on Check, for making a full check on the SD card to fix this problem.

If you can’t see the SD card partition in your PC, you can check under Disk Management.

This is the sure shot way to retrieve deleted photos from an android SD card.