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Giving the Best Man Wedding Speech

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Your best friend is going to get married in a few months time and he/she has come up to you, giving you the honor of the best man wedding speech. Initially, you do not make a big deal out of it. You need to just make a small speech at your best friend’s wedding. You might as well wait till the last day and write something and read it out.

Well, if that is what you are planning on doing, then read this article. We have piled some ideas which can help you prepare your speech and make you the talk of the night. There are a million things, which you can write about your friend, but this is just a simple speech that should not last few minutes.

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The structure of the wedding speech

  • The structure you make use of during your wedding speech for your friend would be to put it all in there.

Tell all about your experiences with your friend like since when you knew each other, his good points, maybe his weak points (but do not say something crass or weird that will embarrass anybody present during the wedding reception).

That is because it would ruin the mood of the wedding reception and will have severe consequences on your relationship with your friend. Stay on the good side of your friend and remember to always smile and speak with small pauses. Remember, you are not the hero of the day, your day will come.

Rehearse a few times

  • Likewise, present yourself and read it several times in front of the mirror on the day or may be few days earlier so that you know how the guest will see you.

It is fine to wear the suit or tuxedo you have planned for the day. This is a very good exercise and can have excellent results. Always be audible. Depending on the size of the wedding venue, you will have to speak adjusting your volume. If the venue is small and there are only few guests, then it is alright to speak with a microphone.

However, if the venue is large and there are several hundred guests, then you will want to make use of a microphone and be audible, not too loud, so that other guests do not wander off when you are speaking. However, if you still feel that you are not confident on your speech, then make use of video tutorials which can precisely guide you in building up your confidence and mood.

There are many guides and tutorials on this subject. Wedding speeches always seems easy, until the last minute you have to stand in front of everybody and speak lavishly about your friend.