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Things to know about Human Growth Hormone Injections

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Our pituitary gland provide the human growth hormone and most of us have natural production. There are several athletes and bodybuilders who like to have HGH products for improving muscle growth, endurance, stamina and athletic performance. However, you need to know if it is all safe to use.

Human Growth Hormone – Things to know

Our pituitary gland located deep into our brain and it produces HGH. It sends signals to increase or decrease production as set by the hypothalamus gland. The hypothalamus is referred as body’s thermostat. It helps us maintain autonomic functions like body temperature, heart rate, fluid levels and improve sleep, appetite, along with more physical and mental functions. When hypothalamus sets the pituitary gland for enhancing production and secretion of HGH, it releases one neurohormone (growth hormone-releasing hormone). When the level of HGH is inadequate it sends message to pituitary for stopping the growth hormone from producing. This is done through transmission of one more neurohormone (somatostatin).

With growth hormone secretion onto our bloodstream we can enhance synthesis of insulin, for examples, growth factor-1 in our liver. The IGF-1 and growth hormone conversion into bloodstream promotes cellular growth and replication of different types of tissues and cells in human body. There is an impact of hormonal factors through synthetic usage, which attracts fitness enthusiasts to use them. The problem is that they do come with several side effects and the legal ways to get these are only prescriptions.

Bodybuilders know that apart from growing muscles and bones, the drug is responsible for regulating many bodily functions like metabolizing fats and sugar, body composition, and maintaining optimal fluid level in body.

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The HGH injection is used for treating growth hormone deficiency. The dosage and recommendations in regard to injections will depend on the level of deficiency. The studies have shown little benefit on adults. People who already have healthy levels will have very little effect if not used right. The obese can have counter reactions rather than benefits. It is important to figure out if you health permits the drug or not.

Prescribed HGH

People who use this HGH supplements can face several conditions in their systems. Most athletic organizations don’t allow the usage because you technically cheat your play, and also lead yourself towards adverse reactions.

Injections designed for replacing growth hormone is not manufactured to suit every human body. This can lead to diseases, damage, trauma, in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Common side effects to expect are:

  • Nerve, muscle and joint pain
  • High cholesterol level
  • High or low blood sugar
  • Edema
  • Unpleasant sensation on skin
  • Weakened muscles
  • Hypertension
  • Enlarged organ

The HGH set by the hypothalamus gland is a natural hormone that can be replaced when deficient but can harm if taken excessively. Long-term use of injections can lead to acromegaly. This is the accelerated growth of bone, tissues and muscles, which can ultimately lead to deformity.