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The Sale of E-Liquid Banned In Australia By Ebay

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eBay decides to shut down the e-liquid sellers in Australia.

We had a great time serving our customers who regularly purchased our Norse Vapse e-liquid products from e-bay. We must say, that it was great as long as it lasted. Ebay was so swift with its actions that they removed every ejuice products from their site as soon as it was being launched by any seller. eBay also went to the extent of issuing warnings of suspensions to the sellers ranging from a few days to a whole month after which the entire account of the seller would be deleted. Well, we must say that it was quite rough on Ebay’s part.

There was not a single seller who were involved in selling nicotine-based products to the customers. However, eBay still announced that e-liquid is considered to be a cigarette or tobacco products. eBay may have stopped the selling of e-liquid in Australia but eBay China, USA, and Europe still continue to allow the sellers to sale e-liquids to its customers. Well, this shows how double standard Ebay could be.

I actually happened to have a word with the admin of eBay Australia not once but for quite a few times but it seems that they are either following orders passed from the top authorities or have simply made their mind to banned the sale of e-liquid in Australia. It can be said that the new policy followed by eBay Australia is as set as a rock and no one could do anything to change it. eBay bans the sale of e-liquid in Australia for reasons only known to eBay.

According to them, FDA forbids the sale of e-liquid. Now the funny thing is that FDA itself is based in The United States where the sale of e-liquid on eBay is still on. This seems to be really strange or eBay Australia is just trying to come up with excuses for their actions. No matter what the reason is the sale of e-liquid on Ebay’s site has been completely banned in Australia by eBay itself. The reason behind such a step is still not clear.

Another shocking thing to point out is that eBay in the USA and certain parts in Europe even allows the sale of e-liquid that contains Nicotine. Isn’t that completely messed up with eBay?

It is truly a shame on eBay Australia for taking such a rash decision.