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Solving The Common Problems With A Photocopier

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Printers help you with a lot of things. Suddenly, errors may creep into them. Sometimes they might stop working properly just because you don’t use them enough. Consequently, the ink dries up and blocks the nozzle. The cartridges might start wearing too.

Apart from this, overuse can be another reason for your printer not working properly. It is not uncommon to see a printer not working because of little bits of paper clips, pins, bands, etc. falling into it. These things not only jam the device but might also cause damage to the inner parts.

So, here are some common problems that you might face. Yes, you can find the solutions too.

No printing?

This problem can happen so many times. You will have to look out for a whole lot of possibilities underlying the problem. Why not start with the basics?

  • Make sure that there is no error message or any warning light.
  • Look out for any paper in the tray.
  • Assure that the cartridges aren’t empty.
  • Check the USB connection again.

You might make simple errors by keeping an old printer as a default printer which might be another reason for your machine not working. If you still find any problems you can look out for copier manuals and the take suitable actions. Microsoft comes with a built-in troubleshooting program which can be another great help too.

Paper Jam

This is another common problem which might arise if you try inserting oversized or too thick papers. You might try getting them out yourself forcefully, but the bits of paper might tear sway and stay there in the machine. It is therefore recommended that you go through your manual before taking any actions.

Ink Guzzlers

In spite of your precautions to use the ink effectively, the excess workload will require you to replace the expensive ink cartridges time and again. You might not even realize that you’re running out of ink unless you find a blank sheet when trying to print an important document. For this, make sure that use low quality when you have to print basic files that aren’t very important.

Sometimes, it might also happen that your printer asks you to replace the ink cartridges even though it has sufficient amount of ink. A list of copier manuals suggest that you must order the new ones but don’t use them unless the printer completely stops printing. This will cut down your expenses.

Poor Quality

The nozzles might get damaged resulting in stray marks here and there on the prints. First of all, clean the print heads. You can look up into the manual how to do that because the process varies from printer to printer. You can find your type of manuals on

What kind of paper you use is also an important factor in determining the print quality. A paper that is too absorbent will soak ink somewhat like a blotting paper. So, get the right kind of paper for the best prints.