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Simple Quilt Ideas

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A blue quilt is one that is sure to be admired. Seasoned patchworkers understand how important it is to create personality and visual appeal into the quilt they are making as meant to be enjoyed for years to come. This is why blue quilts are such a popular choice.

Blue is a color that can easily be paired with white, red, green, black or brown. In each of these cases the companion colors will influence the way someone may feel about the blue feel of the quilt.

The color blue is often associated with tranquility, happiness and warm feelings-and when coupled with the commonality of it blue bedrooms, blue make is a popular color choices used in many bedroom quilts.



For many people a blue quilt adds a softness and warm appeal to the area where they choose to display it. At this is not surprising seeing as researchers have demonstrated that the color blue can be very calming to nervous system and even reduces a person’s blood pressure.

This soothing color has been considered a treasure in some cultures and quilters have been aware of the beauty and calming effects of the color blue for years. It is no surprise that this color is chosen so often when people are crafting a variety of quilts.

Baby Boy Quilt

Blue can be used for almost any type of quilt. It is very easy to use different shades of blue when creating unique patchwork quilts. A solid blue quilt is often chosen as a welcoming gift for a new baby boy. In this instance the quilt is made from fabrics that range from the softest, palest shade of blue to the blue shade that is the color of a robin’s egg.

Security and Trust

With a blue quilt or coverlet it is also possible to convey a feeling of security and trust. Quilters usually consider blue to be a color that is associated with harmony, love and family.


There are some occasions when icy shades of blue, or deep blue fabrics can be used to represent loneliness, longing or heartbreak. These shades have been incorporated into a few early quilting designs, but generally speaking a blue colored quilt is one that signifies harmony and happiness.

Uncommon Colors

It seems that most people tend to dislike quilts that feature a predominance of the colors orange and brown. A blue quilt on the other hand finds favor with almost everyone. No matter what patterns are used or what shades of blue are incorporated into the overall design this quilt manages to come up a consistent winner.

When you need to make, or choose a gift for a family member a blue quilt will certainly be one that they will appreciate. The color can be paired with many other colors in a bedroom or family room and this type of quilt just seems to be warm and welcoming. Check out the Houston Quilt Show for stunning ideas!