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Set up E-Commerce Platform for Your Growing Business

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Magento is a leading e-Commerce platform for retailers. It provides optimization of search engines, advanced marketing, tools for managing catalogue and a unique content according to the requirement of the retailer. It is useful for every business whether it is a multinational enterprise or if one is starting a new online store or updating an existing store.

One needs a reliable web hosting for creating an online store with Mgento. Hosting package in it is the best choice to serve this purpose. Now the question is how to install it. It is simple one just need to follow certain steps.

Steps for manual installation

To learn about the Magento installation process one should go through these following steps.

  • The first thing one need to do is download the latest package for installation from their official website.
  • After this one should upload the package on his account through cPanel -> file manager.
  • Next one should create a MySQL database and assign a user. One should remember the details of database since they are required at the time of script installation.
  • After this one just needs to go through the process of installation.

After the process of installation is complete one need to configure the website. The most important aspect of an online store is the products. One must have a good knowledge of how to add new products, how to manage the existing products and how to add images and tags of products.

Steps for adding products

One must follow the steps given below to add the products.

  • First one need to go to the admin area and click on the Add product option.
  • Then select the settings of the product that is product type and attribute set and click Continue.
  • On the next page just fill up the product options. Using the button, Create New Attribute one can also custom the attributes of the products.
  • One can go to the next step by clicking Save and Continue Edit. On this page one need to fill up the price of the products. Additional options of price like Special price and Tier price can also be added.
  • Now again click Save and Continue Edit to go to the next page. Here one will have to add the description of the product.
  • Again click Save and Continue Edit and your product will be saved. One can further customize the product with an information menu of the product.

Certain steps to add images to the product

With this website one can very easily add images to the product. One just needs to follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly one needs to select the product for which the image is to be added.
  • After selecting the product one need to click the Images option available in the information menu of the product.
  • After this upload the image to the respective shop. Finally using the radio buttons label the image and choose the area where you want the image to appear. Lastly save the product’s image.

Steps to manage the attributes of the product

It is very simple to manage the attributes. The procedure is given below.

  • To add attributes to product one need to click the Create New Attribute button.
  • Once ready with the attributes one must save the product information by clicking the Save button.
  • Lastly one just needs to assign the new product to the category chosen.

Steps to be followed to manage the product tags

On this website one get the option to tag the products. When one tags a product firstly it appears as pending. Before a tag shows up on the page of the product it must be approved. Once the tag is approved the tag can be seen by customers.

Configuration of the payment method

On this website there are different payment methods available to enable one to accept payment using varied payment processes. To configure the methods of payment one just need to go to the admin area, then go to System-> Configuration-> Sales-> Payment methods. 

Services offered

The primary focus of this website is clear understanding and communication. Following are some services one can get at Magento.

  • One can get timely delivery of elegant solutions that fits one business needs
  • They have support plans to ensure the on-going performance and continuous development.
  • They have exclusive servers to maintain performance and take care of savings.


Thus it can be said that this website with their marketing experts ensure that the online business reach it’s potential. One can trust them without any worry for promoting business. One can get fresh and dynamic content for his product page.