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Schedule Management Tips for Freelance Writers

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Earning your livelihood through freelance writing can be equal parts challenging and professionally rewarding. As is the case with other types of freelance careers, maintaining a comfortable living through freelance writing requires one to exercise tremendous patience and build up a steady base of clients. Furthermore, since freelance writers are essentially their own bosses, it’s imperative that they manage their schedules wisely. In the absence of set work hours, the task of time management falls squarely on the contractor. Although some writers are able to manage their schedules with aplomb, others struggle in this area. Additionally, schedule mismanagement stands to compromise the quality of your work and make clients think twice about continuing to enlist your services. Freelance writers on the hunt for time management pointers would be wise to consider the following tips.

Avoid Taking on Too Much at Once

There’s no question that the U.S. has a culture of workaholism. Working unmanageably long hours at the expense of one’s health or personal wellbeing is considered a badge of honor in many circles. Additionally, those who don’t consistently work themselves silly are often viewed as inferior and undeserving of basic necessities and creature comforts. As such, there’s little wonder as to why many fledgling writers take on more work than they can reasonably handle. After all, if you turn down a job or request a deadline extension, a client may simply take their business elsewhere. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that taking on massive amounts of work can compromise the overall quality of one’s writing. If you’re consistently in a time crunch, odds are you won’t be putting forth your best effort. This can ultimately lead to angry clients and a loss of repeat business. Just remember – if you currently have a big job (or jobs) eating up most, if not all, of your work time, it’s okay to say no to other assignments.

Keep Track of Your Invoices

Most contractors are expected to present clients with invoices, and freelance writers are no exception. Unfortunately, writers who are consistently busy sometimes forget to send invoices in a timely manner, resulting in frustration and confusion on the part of clients. This is why it’s important to compose invoices and send them out within 24 hours of completing jobs. Fortunately, with the help of a free online estimate template, this couldn’t be easier.

Give Yourself Breaks

As any longtime writer can confirm, freelance writing can be mentally taxing. Spending one’s days writing a variety of deliverables on a variety of subjects can exhaust the mind and leave writers feeling psychologically drained. For this reason, it’s important for writers to schedule short break periods throughout the workday, regardless of how busy they happen to be. Taking a few 10 to 15-minute breaks can help refresh your cognitive faculties, leaving you primed to produce more great work.

While freelance writing is far from the easiest career path to travel down, it can be highly rewarding for those who pursue it. In addition to producing high-quality work and building valuable business connections, budding writers need to engage in smart time management. Failure to do so can result in missed deadlines, unsatisfied clients and lost income, so it behooves every writer to get his or her schedule in order. In the quest for a balanced work schedule, the previously discussed pointers are sure to serve any freelance writer well.