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Riano- A Place Where joy Comes Alive

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There are many places where one can visit but there are some places that are not so popular but provide ultimate peace to the visitors. Riano also falls among these places because this land was vacated due to hydropower project and the villagers were relocated. Six other nearby villages were relocated in and the place they were relocated was Cantabrian Mountains. These are the foothills in Northern Spain in Picos de Europa.

This place is located above 1153 feet of sea level and flooding cannot even occur here. However, the creation of dam in this place was magnificent work and according to the plan this place was to be merged inside water. However, Riano is completely transformed today and there are many reforms that are made in this place as well. However, all the farms and the fields of the families were flooded when the project started in this place.

Riano can be reached easily by car and one thing about this place is that it is not old. Still, there is a tragic story that is associated with it. However, the new place is beautiful than the old one. It is enclosed by Limestone Mountain. The reservoir water looks like a mirror when sun rays fall on it and it really looks awesome. Hiking can easily be performed at this place and if you are in the mood to relax then just sit in lovely places and watch the calm atmosphere.

Things to Do in Riaño?

  • Santa Águeda– This place is famous for the church that was built in the sixteenth century and the best part about it is the architecture. This church is completely built out of stones and when the relocation took place every stone was shifted and this was built again in Riano. There are carvings that were marked in the seventeenth and eighteenth century.
  • The reservoir of Riano- Yuso, Esla and river Retuerto was used in constructing the reservoir and this flooded the entire Riano. The area of the lake is twenty-two kilometer square. There is a bridge on top and after crossing it one can reach Leon. There is a small car parking as well and from here people can find small roads and paths that are marked and this will help in roaming around the lake. Both flora and fauna are present here and as sated hiking is at its best in Riano.

Therefore, reach here and enjoy life to its fullest.