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Recording Netflix on a PC Using Movavi Screen Recorder

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Do you want to watch Netflix on a certain device or even on your TV but can’t connect to the internet in order to do so? Although Netflix does have an option to ‘download’ videos it is rather limited, and can’t be used to watch videos on other devices.

As such your best option is to record Netflix on your PC and then save it so that you can watch it on any device that you want. That can be done without much difficulty using Movavi Screen Recorder, and you could set it all up in a matter of minutes.

Assuming you’ve already installed Movavi Screen Recorder, you should first open up Netflix and open up the video that you want to save but don’t play it just yet. Instead launch the screen recorder and use your mouse cursor to draw a frame that encompasses the Netflix video.

After you’ve drawn the frame, Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface will appear. If you want to record the Netflix video in full screen you can select the appropriate preset under the ‘Capture Area’ list. Otherwise you should just adjust the frame further so that it fits, and check that the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted or click on it if it is not.

While you could manually control the recording via the icons on Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface, it may be best to set up a timer to stop it automatically. To do that just click on the ‘alarm clock’ icon and set the timer to match the duration of the video. If you’re done (or you prefer to manually control the recording), click ‘REC’ to begin and play the Netflix video after you do.

When the Netflix video is over the recording will automatically stop if you set a timer, or you can click on the ‘Stop’ button to stop it manually. At that point Movavi Screen Recorder will save the video as an MKV video file, and open up a ‘Preview’ window where you can go over it. In that window you will also be able to trim out any parts that you’d rather not include in the final video, then click ‘Save As’ to save it. If you’d like the video to be saved in a different format, you can choose to do so at this stage as well.

Being able to record Netflix on PC is just one of the ways in which Movavi Screen Recorder will prove useful, and the steps above will help you to save any kind of content that you want from your screen. In fact you could use it to produce content of your own, as you’ll be able to record video footage and create guides, interviews, demonstrations, and more.