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Are you protecting your identity while using Torrents?

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Torrenting is a popular way to download movies, games and music from the internet due to its efficiency, but is it legal? What if you are caught? The strict copyright laws in various countries, on these desired downloadable content have made it imperative for us to know how to anonymously download torrents.

What is illegal?

The client used for torrenting, BitTorrent is a protocol which downloads and configures the files on your computer. BitTorrent by itself is not illegal since it is just a means to share files. Nor are the torrent files illegal, on the public and private tracker sites which capture the users on the network who have the required content. So then, what is illegal? It is argued that the tracker sites are also not illegal since they just act as a repository of the torrent files. They do not have the copyrighted content on their servers. While this rationale is open to debate and scrutiny, some say it is indeed the tracker sites who facilitate piracy and theft. Hence in this scenario, where the it is grey about the legal issues, it is a safe bet for you to know how to anonymously download torrents so that your identity is hidden.

Copyright trolls

For safeguarding piracy there are copyright trolls whose job is to track the offenders and get them legally fined or punished. They are hired by the copyright holders and they get information about the torrentors through the internet service providers (ISP). The legal action may vary anywhere between court cases and/or fines ranging upto a hundred thousands of dollars. In some cases the ISP itself may threaten you, that it will provide your identity to the Copyright trolls since torrenting increases their cost of providing you the bandwidth service.


The solution

Given the legal ramifications, the best solution is not to use torrent but instead to use Cloudload which is a paid service. New users can even enjoy free trials for a short period. With Cloudload you enjoy a speed upto 10 Gbps for downloading more than 25 types of files. Unlike torrenting, it is not required to share back content with your peers. Additional features are that downloaded files are scanned against viruses and there are no undesirable ads or popups.

The other solution is to use a good quality VPN. VPNs hide your IP address by routing all the network load through a commonly used IP address which is shared by hundreds of other users. Hence it is impossible to know your identity. The other advantage is that VPNs encrypt the data being accessed, so it cannot be deciphered that you are torrenting.


 Therefore instead of getting caught into any legal issues,  it’s wise to invent in the above solutions to peacefully enjoy your surfing and downloading. Then you avoid having a Copyright stroll knocking at your door.