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The pipeleline plugs manufactured by PLUGCO have unique blocking ability for pipeline isolation. PLUGCO’s pipeline plugs are designed for pipeline isolatiın and testing solutions. Our pipeline plugs are simple and easy to install and they can be operational in a few minutes. You don’t have to find any special tools to operate them. They are available in various sizes, shapes and forms.  Our pipeline plugs are specially designed for drain and sewer applications. They have a modern ergonomic design and it is possible to take fast action by our products.   You can use them to close some part of a pipeline if you need to carry out pipeline leakage test.


 Are you Ready to find the Best Pipeline Plug?

So you are looking for the best pipeline plug for your requirement.  Plugco is the right address. Our product line in pipeline products includes a series of pipeline plugs. You can use our pipeline plugs for testingblocking and bypassing flow in pipelines. Let us prove that PLUGCO can suplly the highest quality pipeline plugs at a reasonable price.  For more information please see our website on and contact with our customer representatives.


Pipe is pipe, pipe connectors and valves for that transport links in to the gas, liquid or solid contaminants within the fluid using the device. Typically, the fluid through the blowers, compressors, pumps and central heating boilers pressurized, pressure in the pipeline flow of low-current Office Department may also use its very own pressure or gravity fluid delivery. The most typical are welding maclune. Pipeline so broadly used, mainly utilized in feed water, drainage, heating, for gas, lengthy distance transportation of gas and oil, agriculture, irrigation, hydraulic works and a number of industrial products. Once the fluid flow is famous, the diameter is dependent around the flow rate in order to let it permit the frictional resistance (pressure drop). Flow rate of huge diameter is small, but growing pressure drop value. Therefore, the rate can help to save a sizable purchase of pipeline infrastructure, however the power equipment for example pumps and compressors operating energy cost increases. Additionally, when the velocity is simply too large, there might be another unfavorable factors. Diameter ought to be according to capital investment, therefore, running costs along with other technical factors considered decision.