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Moving Truck Maintenance and Why it Matters

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Moving trucks can take some serious abuse over the course of their lifetime. Whether it’s from the amount of mileage or the wear and tear of moving, there’s a lot to keep up with. When it comes to maintaining moving trucks and keeping them in good condition, you want the best vehicles and the best company for your move.

The last thing you’ll want is a moving truck that breaks down or has an issue. Problems with your moving truck maintenance can lead to delays or possibly even stranding you in the middle of nowhere. That’s why you want the best a moving company who has the resources to keep quality vehicles on the road. These tips will help you learn about what it takes to maintain a moving truck.

Age of trucks – Doesn’t get much simpler than this, because the age of the moving truck in question plays a direct role in reliability. You don’t want to pick a moving company that doesn’t have a fleet of updated moving trucks at their disposal. If you see most of the moving trucks that you can choose from look older than you, it might be a sign that you need to find a different moving company. If they are afraid to invest in their equipment, what else do you think they are afraid to invest in?

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Mileage – Chances are the miles on your moving truck are all hard ones, so take a careful look at your odometer. Having a choice between a low mileage moving truck and one that’s got a lot of miles on it should be an easy decision. Trucks that are designed for long distance moves can normally handle higher mileage than trucks designed for local moves. If you are renting a truck yourself, and you have the opportunity to choose, lean towards the one with lower mileage. If you are using a professional moving company who has their own trucks, if the truck looks like it is in good condition you should be ok.

Features – Not all moving trucks are created equal, which is why you should always do comparison shopping when it comes to moving companies. Features like adjustable loading ramps and dampened suspension can help keep your cargo safe and your move more pleasurable.

If you are getting ready for a move, there’s no question that the condition of your moving truck is vital. Having a reliable truck can do more for your move than many other factors. Everything that you own is going to be put in this vehicle, so take a little time and do some due diligence on the truck you are renting, or the truck your moving company is using for your move. It’s better to be safe than it is to be sorry.

Reputable moving companies put a lot of time and money into their moving trucks, because if the truck breaks down, it is their responsibility to fix it, and they know that maintenance is less expensive than repairs. If your moving company has been in business for a while, and has positive reviews, you can normally assume that their fleet of moving trucks is dependable.