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Legit Hackers for Hire – Hack Facebook Account

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My friends, I know you are looking for a legit hackers for hire . Maybe for hacking email, facebook, Skype, etc or buying illegal stuff such as Credit card , Dumps Track Data, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal transfer, Bank logins. But please, you are on the way of getting scammed by rippers in the internet. You will end up loose your money for nothing! Please read my own story. You will find out why!

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My name is Jonathan, I am a software engineer from Hong Kong working across Asia Countries with extending knowledge in website builders which leads me here. I used to work as a part-time job for some small companies for building websites, and some websites I’ve done is underground websites, owners of these sites are all scammer – rippers, they  are not real hackers (you can imagine real hacker can not even builder a website and hire someone to do that –> it does not make any sense at all). They claim on their home page with selling credit card information, dumps track pin data to get cash or even hacking the Western Union and Paypal, Bank Logins and all they can do is to lure then cheat users online.

In fact, there are still some real legit hackers who may have enough skills to do these things, but all they provide is definitely illegal stuffs. And I do NOT know any real legit hackers at all. So please do not contact me for providing you legit hacker information!

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I build this website for users who are looking for illegal stuff like Dumps Track, Cvv-cc, Money such as the Western Union, Paypal or Skrill. Please stay away Scammer – Ripper. Let study and work hard to get paid for your own effort!


Again, please I am not either legit hacker or close to real hacker information. Hence, do not contact me for anything related to illegal stuff or hacker information. I have nothing to provide you.

For those who already experienced the bad Scammer – Ripper or Recommended Legit Hacker, please give a comment as below form. I also collect big Scammer – Ripper to Scammer – Ripper List for you to easily look up (Ctrl + F then type domain). If you do not like to post a comment, you can give me a proof or information of Scammer, I will add them into a collection. For Legit Hackers, I will note them here as Users claim they are trusted, all I can do is to collect information from users experience.

My email: (do not ask for a hacker information!)