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Kill all Bed Bugs Naturally

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Bed bug bites are a nightmare for any individual. It can cause rashes, itching and welt on your body areas. So check out the methods to kill all bed bugs naturally to sleep peacefully.

Use Hot Water and Stream

Use a very hot water to wash your fabrics and bed sheets to kill all bed bugs as they are not able to withstand such high temperature. Also, after this wash, there are some eggs that are still laying inside the mattresses. So it’s better to get rid of them by injecting hot stream as eggs cannot survive it and die. This is the best way to prevent as it sanitizes your clothes and bed. Make sure you dry them properly to prevent the further infestation. This way you can prevent them from growing.

Use of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil

You can use tea tree oil to kill all the bed bugs as they are not able to bear the strong and pungent smell of oil. So you can sleep properly without any fear. Lavender oil is concentrated liquid form and its fragrance lasts for a long time. So you can use it on your floor and bed frame to get rid of them quickly. It acts as a natural repellent. Bed bugs hate the smell and taste of lavender oil and stay away from the injected areas. This oil also gives a great fragrance that you will surely like.

Spray Isopropyl Alcohol

Rubbing alcohols are used to disinfect the infected or bitten area of your body. But you can also use isopropyl alcohol in the areas where the bed bugs grow. You can spray it on their eggs, but you have to do it with caution as alcohol dries very quickly. So if the eggs or bed bug comes in the contact of alcohol, then only it will die.

Clean Everything by Vacuum Cleaners

Another effective method to get rid of bed bugs naturally is by vacuuming everything. Clean mattresses, curtains, chairs, table and other areas of the room. They can hide anywhere, especially in the corners so that need to be sucked regularly. Do vacuum cleaning of the entire room at least once a week. As this regular cleaning will help in preventing the growth by killing their eggs.

Spray Natural Pesticide

There are many natural pesticides available that you can use as efficient way as any commercial pesticide. The main benefit is these are non-toxic and affordable. It is in powder form that is organic and made up of water plants. It helps in killing them and all their eggs. All you have to do is just to sprinkle the powder in all the places where the bed bugs thrive or gather actively.

All these simple methods are effective to kill bed bugs naturally visit In fact, you can do all these home remedies to prevent the bed bug attacks easily. So that you can sleep properly without any fear of bugs at night.