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The Keys to Choosing Memorable Wedding Favors

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To you and your guests, your wedding day will be a very memorable one. Ensuring that it is even more memorable is easy to do when you choose just the right wedding favors. The right choice for you depends on your own personal circumstances.

One of the most popular ways to make your wedding favors unforgettable is to have them personalized. This is something many couples do these days and it can make all the difference in your wedding favors. Depending on your budget you can order items to be personalized or simply make them at home.

The second best way to make sure your wedding favors are memorable is to ensure that they fit in with the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are getting married on the beach, one memorable idea is to provide an umbrella for each guest. They can use the umbrella to keep the sun off of them during your ceremony and then take it home as a wedding favor. The more practical your wedding favors are the more likely your guests will be to not only remember them but continue to use them after your wedding.

While your wedding favors should match your theme, they can also coincide with the season you are getting married in, to make them truly memorable. A perfect favor a fall wedding is homemade candy apples or even fresh apple cider. A wintertime wedding lends itself well to a hot chocolate kit, which you can purchase or put together yourself. Summer weddings call for a memorable wedding favor such as personalized sunscreen or even mini containers of ice cream.


If you are inviting a few guests, handmade wedding favors are a great touch. Consider making up batches of your favorite jam or jelly and gifting each of your guests with a glass bottle of it. This same idea can also be used for barbecue sauce, salad dressing and almost anything else edible you can think of.

When you can, it is best to use local ingredients in your wedding favors. Not only will it make them more memorable for your guests you will be helping to boost the economy in your hometown. If your hometown is known for something specific such as syrup then using this in your wedding favors is the logical thing to do, especially if you have any guests coming from out of town.

Wedding favors that help the environment, while reminding your guests of your big day, is something that makes them more memorable. Small potted plants can be given out at the end of the day as environmentally responsible favors. Alternatively, you can order personalized packets of seeds and send each guest home with one pack.

Choosing wedding favors that will get the guests involved in the celebration is always a great option as well. Items such as wedding sparklers can be used in place of confetti or champagne poppers so your guests can have a more hands-on role. Most couples choose 36” wedding sparklers so each guest only has to light one, but there are shorter options available if you want to spend less. Using sparklers at your wedding can be an unexpected surprise for many of your guests that will add a lot to your entire experience.

These are the keys to choosing the best and most memorable wedding favors to share with your guests. As long as your favors support your wedding and benefit your guests you can’t go wrong regardless of your choice.