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Key Considerations When Choosing Company Logo Designs

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Choosing company logo designs is one of the most important decisions that companies have to make. This is because the logo is usually the first impression that potential clients will see when engaging with your company. Hence, if you cut any corners and do not an exclusive business logo, then it could lead to fewer engagements with potential clients. Here are some of the top considerations to ensure you choose the best logo designs.

Simplicity – Even when using 3D logo designs, you should strive to keep your logo as simple as possible. The logo you choose might look great when printed on business cards, but not as effective when placed on your website or social media pages. Think of all the places where the logo will be showcased from your app and brochures to cards and vehicles among others. A simple logo will more readily suit all the different environments.


Color – The color used in company logo designs has a major impact on the message being conveyed. For example, if your company is geared towards environmental sustainability, consider using colors like green, yellow and blue. Blue generally represents reliability and authority, which is why it is found in investment firms and insurance branding. Therefore, spend time to choose the right colors for your vector logo design as it plays a huge role in how your company is perceived.

In addition, it is advisable to avoid using too many different colors for company logo designs. This will not only make your logo more costly to embroider or print, it can create a confused look for your brand. Nearly all the leading brands in the world only use a single or two-color logo, so try and keep things simple.

Fonts – The font you choose for your logos or business cards is also vital for ensuring that you stand out. Find a unique and original font and avoid any gimmicky fonts that may cause people to not take your company seriously. Choose the right font that instantly speaks to your band image.


Understand what your brand represents – Company logo designs help introduce people to your products and brand. Hence, the vector logo design should be designed with a specific target audience in mind. List down what your company is all about, your average customer and the type of imagery and aesthetics they would be attracted to.

Creating an exclusive business logo, therefore, requires first understanding your company, your client, your products and also your competitors. Check out this amazing Online Logo Design shop and exclusive online branding logos store for designing distinctive logos and business cards for your business to give yourself the competitive edge.