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Importance of HGH in your body system

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Human growth hormone or HGH is a protein made in the pituitary gland and it stimulates growth. Lack of HGH causes slow growth in children and health problems in adults. High HGH levels in children make them abnormally tall. Apart from stimulating growth in children, it plays a vital role in regulating metabolism and the functional integrity of tissues and organs. In adults, it causes acromegaly, a condition of bone overgrowth that disfigures face, hands, and feet. The use of HGH in prescribed dosages is safe and it is administered through injections. Some people may get a swelling or  other similar reactions at the injection site.

HGH accelerates lipolysis

In countries like the United States and Australia, HGH injections cannot be bought without a prescription from a licensed doctor. HGH and other steroids are banned by Australian health organizations and it is illegal to import without a prescription. It is a law in Australia to buy HGH with a prescription. In cases where the pituitary gland is not functioning properly or it is malfunctioning, HGH does not release adequate growth hormones in the blood. In such cases, growth hormone therapy is a treatment option. Doctors examine a patient thoroughly and make a proper diagnosis before prescribing growth hormones to anyone.

Benefits of HGH

Human Growth Hormone or HGH will promote weight loss and enhance muscle size when injected in large dosages. A small dose can improve health and anti-aging process. It is known to improve physical capacity through stimulating collagen synthesis in muscles and increasing muscle strength. Numerous hormones regulate bone metabolism and fracture healing. Administration of HGH can speed up bone regeneration. Moreover, it plays an important role in the repairing of muscle and speeding up healing. It has properties to heal wounds and injuries significantly. It was revealed in a study that older healthy men who were administered with HGH had increased collagen deposition in the wound healing process.

HGH accelerates lipolysis, which involves the breakdown of lipids into free fatty acids. In obese people who have calorie restricted diet, this hormone can enhance body fat reduction and improve the growth hormone secretion. It plays a therapeutic role in losing weight in obese people. Growth hormone promotes the IGF-1 production that is produced in the liver and released into the blood. The IGF-1 promotes bone-forming leading to enhanced bone mass. Adults who have growth hormone deficiency have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease that leads to decreased lifespan. Therefore, growth hormone treatment can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases too.

HGH supplements in Australia

There are alternatives available in the form of dietary supplements that are known as boosters. These alternative supplements are legal in Australia and not banned by Australian health organizations. In the case of dietary supplements, the rules in the United States, Canada, and Australia are the same. They are legal to use but caution and discretion must be taken before taking these hormones. They have a powerful effect on the body at large. Before taking any growth hormone supplement, it is important to talk to a medical practitioner besides ensuring the legality of the product.