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How Companies and Employers Make Good Use Of Crowdsourcing

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Use Of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing isn’t only a concept and has been talked about for years. Startup companies and even companies of a size larger than a mid-size company would “crowdsource”.

From the old way to the new approach

This scenario is that a job traditionally has been performed by a work-at-office employee. Nowadays with crowdsourcing, the same job is “outsourced” to the crowd. The crowd consists of a possibly large group of people. Who these people exactly are, the employer had no idea before the job starts. That’s the essence of crowdsourcing.

But why does crowdsourcing work? Simple even though people are out there and aren’t sitting in your office. Most of them are fully capable of completing that job.

An example

Let’s mention one example. Picoworkers is a site that can provide employers, startups, or even larger companies with a large number of labour. These labour people may be asked by employers to perform many frequently repetitive jobs that require relatively low skills.

The simple jobs may include searching on the internet for a specific item, searching on Yahoo with a specific search term, sending some emails to some specific people, posting articles to blogs, finding email addresses of some people, posting ads on Craigslist, etc.

The advantages

The second reason that crowdsourcing is considered by employers is a good one. It saves cost for businesses. No employers want to see high cost at the end of each month.

Crowdsourcing has actually brought people together online, even though most or all of the people working for the same project are physically apart or even living far away from each other. While the people don’t see each other face to face when working together, companies get to access some top talents from remote locations.

Another example

What else did crowdsourcing bring? Let’s check this real case. In the recent past, a big brand such as McDonalds would make good use of the “crowdsourcing” concept.

One day McDonalds asked their customers to submit ideas for the new types of burgers they would like to see in their store, and let them create their own burgers online. Over the internet, people were allowed vote. From the voting, McDonalds has the data about the new “best burgers” their customers all want.

This “best burgers voting” campaign has created valuable marketing opportunities in viral marketing. Some customers have also created videos that have gone viral.