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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Hoverboard

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Photo by Neupaddy, CC0 1.0 

If you are looking for a trendy gadget that is bound to make your peers jealous, then you should consider investing your money in a hoverboard.

A two-wheeled commuter is extremely easy to operate, portable and eco-friendly. They have been voted as the hottest gadget of 2016. Celebrities like John Legend, Jamie Fox, Justin Bieber or even the former President of United States – Barack Obama himself, are seen commuting their way around with a hoverboard.

These highly futuristic gizmos should be your next choice. Have a look at 5 concrete reasons on why you should purchase a Hoverboard.

  1. They Have Redefined Commuting

With an exemplary speed of up to 9-16 meters per hour, for a range of about 9 miles, they are the best mode of transport to cover short distances. They are soon to replace bicycles and mini-scooters. Be it an impromptu visit to the supermarket or the nearby park, you can hope to rely on your hoverboard, which is not to disappoint you for sure.

Hoverboards are available in various colors and designs and lately, a plethora of companies have started marketing them. You can choose from popular hoverboard brands available online and in stores.

  1. They Are Extremely Eco-Friendly

With growing technology, we become more and more protective of our environment. We often worry about how our new and shiny gizmos can leave a negative impact on the environment. However, hoverboards eliminate this concern as they are extremely eco-friendly. The frame of these hoverboards is composed of aluminum which can be recycled. Unlike other vehicles, they do not cause any smoke that may pollute our surroundings. Moreover, they are efficient and run on electric motors. With very little maintenance, they become the ideal choice.

  1. Hoverboards Are Quite User-Friendly As Well.

Gone are the days when you would bruise yourself in and out in learning simple tricks of your skateboard. Hoverboards have come to replace skateboards, as they are very easy to use. It is true that it takes time to learn a new skill, however, this statement holds no validity when it comes to hoverboards. With several tutorials available online, you can learn to ride it in the blink of an eye. It barely takes any time to master hoverboards.

It takes merely 10 minutes to get control of this board, and after taking a few rides you can navigate your way smoothly around your house or in the surrounding neighborhood.

  1. They Have a Futuristic Design 

Do you remember watching Marty McFly, maneuver his way around the town, beating the bad guys by literally flying on a cool and shiny board, in the superhit movie back to the Future?

Yes, you guessed it right, hoverboards live up to that movie’s expectation of the future. We may still be a long way from crafting a time-machine, but these hoverboards have definitely helped us step into the future. With a state of the art design, you can literally hover around with them.

  1. Hoverboards Are Portable

With an elegant design and an ideal size, hoverboards have become a style statement of sorts. They weigh around 22-25 pounds which go a little over the average bicycle weight, but their sleek size makes them easy to carry around.

If you use your bicycle to move about the town, you may want to keep them away from thefts. For this, you would make sure that a lock is in place, and also ensure that it is of good quality, one which can’t be sawed easily. Hoverboards eliminate this concern as you can carry them with you, you can fit the. Under your desks, keep them locked up in a cupboard or can even load them in your car. You can fit them in a sling bag and take them on a road trip as well!

So, you see how hoverboards are not only trendy but are also an ideal means of commuting. You can ditch your car, and use this eco-friendly alternative to cover short distances. They can be easily handled by anyone and can be fun for your whole family. So, go ahead, invest your money wisely and choose these hoverboards!