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Hong Kong Style Noodles That Will Surely Lift Up Your Spirit

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Food is not just a primary need, and eating is not just a primal response to hunger. Sometimes, people eat to de-stress themselves, they find comfort in eating. Sometimes, not just any food will do the trick in calming people down. They usually have their own ‘go-to foods’, like halal dim sum or even chocolates. But one of the most common comfort food are noodles.

Noodles are the most famous staple food in Asian countries and it is also widely available in foreign countries outside the continent. There are numerous noodle dishes to choose from. Aside from being the staple food, noodles are also a representation of the Asian culture. Their need for perfection, their love for food and yet they still stay healthy, and their interest in bold and rich flavors. Each kind of noodle and its preparations have different kind of characteristics, characteristics that complement well with the person eating it. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why noodles are famous comfort foods. Noodles are no chocolates but they surprisingly can make a bad day better and lift the gloom out of a person.

To help you find that perfect noodle dish, here are some of the most famous and recommended Hong Kong style noodles that will surely turn your frown upside down.

Chicken Chow Mein

This is perhaps the most famous noodle dish not only in Singapore but all throughout the world in Asian restaurants. It is a simple noodle recipe that is paired off with chicken and different vegetables as toppings, all bathed in an oyster flavored sauce. Vegetables include red bell-pepper, bok choy and celery. Simple dish as it may sound, but the flavors in this dish are truly interesting.

Simple Chicken Chow Mein

There are two special ingredients in this dish: Chinese dried noodles and Chinese white chives. However, some dishes are modified wherein egg noodles are used and instead of the chives. Vegetables such as leeks, napa cabbage, bean sprouts or bok choy are preferred. This depends on your personal preference.

Beef Chow Mein

The preparation of this noodle dish is the same with the chicken chow mein. The only difference is that beef is used instead of chicken. The flavors in this variety are stronger as compared to the chicken chow mein but is nonetheless still delicious.

Classic Homemade Noodle Salad

This noodle dish is very different from the traditional dishes which are served hot and soaked in broth. This dish is very popular, especially during the summer because the noodle is served cold. The noodle is made through the use of a delicious sauce, such as the Chinese sesame sauce or the tahini sauce. Fresh vegetables are added to this salad and other special ingredients. This is served as an appetizer, especially during hot and humid days when people do not seem to have the appetite to eat.

Chicken Lo Mien

The Chicken Lo Mien is good for any time of the day and is perfect for you if you prefer noodles that have the right amount of sauce and is not bathing in soup. The flavorful and authentic taste in this dish comes from the mix of ginger, soy sauce and garlic.


Another unique noodle dish is the Zhajiangm. The ingredients in this one of a kind dish are countless and each of which truly contributes to the amazing flavors in the dish. Different ingredients such as cucumber, onion, yellow pickled radish, spring onions, bean sprouts, tofu and a whole lot of other ingredients can be used in this dish, depending on your personal preferences.

Shanghai Stir-Fried Noodles

Some may think that noodles and stir-fry do not go well together, but, they are wrong and the Shanghai stir fried noodles is proof. The flavors brought about by the different sauces make this noodle dish one of a kind and is highly addictive. Something you can eat every time you need cheering up.

Pan Fried Noodles

The pan fried noodles is also popular in different aliases such as ‘twice browned’ or ‘both sides browned’ noodles. These names come from the standard way of cooking the noodles which is to boil the noodles on one side until it is brown and turn it over to the other side. The texture of the noodles appears a bit crunchy on the outside and dense inside. Combine these with a whole lot of ingredients and you have your go-to comfort food. You can even have halal dim sum as a side dish.