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Have You Ever Thought How Important Tree Trimming Is

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Trimming of trees is one of the methods of maintaining and improving the aesthetics of the yard. There are many reasons why tree trimming is very important. Trimming of the tree helps to improve the growth of trees. When trees are trimmed at intervals, this serves as a growth booster and prevention of damage to properties and the surroundings. During harsh weather conditions, big trees fall on properties and this can be avoided.

When is The Perfect Time for Trimming the Trees?

The saw needs to be sharp for tree trimming to be effective. This shows that there is no specific period for the trimming of trees. To ensure a smooth growth of trees, experts suggest that trimming of dead branches and leaves should be done occasionally. Infections on the tree should be treated immediately before it spreads to the tree parts or adjacent trees. Proper monitoring of trees helps to detect insects of dead parts which are likely to affect the tree as a whole. When such an insect is sighted, experts recommend the immediate removal of the infected part to improve the safety of the tree.

It is important to identify the type of tree that requires trimming.  The types of trees are shrubs, plants, and flowering trees.

Flowering trees require a careful trimming procedure. Many flowering plants deposit their flowers annually. Therefore, a tree may not blossom in a certain year when the flower buds have been trimmed. After the trees cease to blossom, the trimmer should clip the flowering tree within 21 days. By doing this, the trimmer will not eliminate the flowering buds of the blossoms for the next annum.

However, seasonal trimming of trees improves the health and yield of the tree over time. This proves that tree trimming helps the tree grow healthier and bigger.

Even though most trees are susceptible to pruning at specific times of the year, there are some exceptions. Some of these exceptions are:

  1. Maple

 A maple tree may cease to ‘drip’ or ‘bleed’ when it is trimmed at certain times of the year. Prior to and subsequent to winter, bleeding takes place in maples especially the trimmed types. However, the act of bleeding may not harm the tree. But the concern is rather on the surface than within. Fortunately, there is a method to trim maple trees without bleeding. This is done when the maple tree is inactive. The periods of the year when maple trees are considerably inactive are winter, summer, or spring. This is because the tree is mostly covered in leaves at this time.

  1. Dogwood

During April or May, pruning of dogwoods leads to an inclination into the pest – dogwood borer. The dogwood borer is highly proficient in spoiling the vascular system of the tree. This occurs when the insect bores into the trunk of the tree.

  1. Oaks

Pruning can be done anytime except April to October. This period is when the tree pest – Oak Wilt – is at its peak. To avoid the spread of pathogens to the tree, trimmer must be wary of the period.