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Have pests set up a forever home in your house?

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House overrun by pests? You need to take immediate action to stop them from setting up permanent residence.

Though you keep your house as clean as you can, you notice that there are several pests all over the house. You wonder what kind of pest control treatment you should book, and whether it will be effective at all. But even as cockroaches dart past and ants create a column of bodies to feed on food crumbs, you should know that there are ways to do pest control by yourself, accompanied by house cleaning.

Go on the offensive: Effective pest control tools and tips

We present some effective pest control tools and tricks that will have the pests in your home fleeing in no time:

1 Get the right pesticidal sprays. The most common pests in the home are black and red ants, cockroaches, flies, spiders, lizards and rats. Of these, lizards last in the home only if the other smaller pests are available for feeding on. The remaining look for nooks and crannies to set up a nest in. Get a good insect killer spray and go after these pests whenever you see them. Every night, spray the holes in the plaster, on inside the sink and floor drains, and behind furniture, to zap these pests in their tracks. After a few weeks of sustained spraying, they will be killed or forced to flee.

2 Keep the house as clean as possible. An unkempt home is a direct invitation for pests to set up residence, because they find many hiding and breeding spots. Get a battery of cleaning materials and keep the house scrubbed to a shine always. Yes, this is easier said than done, but do remember that a clean house repels pests. Make sure that the wet areas in the kitchen and bathroom are always dry and cool, while the cooking and food preparation surfaces are disinfected every day.

3 Cut off places to lay eggs. Pests look to proliferate by laying eggs. The best pest control trick is to go after their nests and zap them with insect killer. If you discover nests in plaster holes or cracks, get a silicone sealing gun and close off the cavities. These may also be present in the skirting, or the joints between walls and ceilings. It is also important to have the walls waterproofed externally so that pests may not be attracted to damp patches inside.

4 Let fresh air and sunlight in.Closed spaces with little ventilation are a hotbed of germ and pest activity. Open the windows and let fresh air stream in, especially in the early morning hours. Sunlight is also essential to kill airborne microbes and germs present on the floors and other surfaces. A house with clean, crisp indoors becomes a natural repellent for pests.