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Fantastic Decorating Ideas for Glass Barn Doors

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Barn doors are an interior decorating trend that keeps evolving. They used to be the hallmark of rustic flair in industrial lofts or chic country-style renovations. However, the latest hardware has created a versatile palette sure to appeal to every aesthetic. A sliding glass barn door is a decidedly modern statement.

How to Use Glass Barn Doors in Your Interior Space

Glass barn doors are an accessible design with an upscale look. They really make an impact on guests and family members alike. Best of all, they inspire you to think creatively long past the day you install them.

Glas barn doors are a practical solution to space issues and a great alternative to curtains and room dividers. Use them to create privacy or divvy up large, overwhelming spaces. Ideally, you’ll need plenty of wall space but can avoid a swinging door that impacts the flow of the room.

Decorating Ideas

Whether you want an old-fashioned or post-modern vibe in your space, glass barn doors can do the job. The trackless design is innovative and an instant attention grabber. Choosing nylon wheels provides a smooth opening experience that’s quieter than traditional doors.

Rustic Glass Barn Doors

Glass doors can be paired with metal, wood and other materials for unprecedented versatility. To achieve a rustic look as a contrast to an industrial loft, select styles framed in weathered or stressed wood, unpainted finishes or coated a fresh, bright white.

Colorful Glass Barn Doors

To add color to stark interiors or to complement your color palette, consider a bright bold color on metal or wood frames. A high-sheen paint adds glossy richness and punctuates your daring turquoise, orange or bright red tones.

Contemporary Glass Barn Doors

Give your glass barn doors a futuristic element when you frame them in materials with a contemporary edge. A mysterious, mirrored black surface or gilded edges on crisp metal framing can elevate your glass barn door and provide a one-of-a-kind focal point.

Frosted Glass Barn Doors

If you are installing the door in an area that receives a lot of traffic or attention, you may need to treat the glass barn door
as a special feature. Frosting adds a luxe feel to the more public portion of your space and provides privacy for the interior space that you don’t want the world to see. Despite closing off space, the frosted glass lets light filter through for an open, airy feel.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to choose a glass barn door for your space. You can come up with your own unique ideas and truly own this beautiful, unique design element.