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To Which Extent Technology Has Made An Impact In Our Lives?

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This goes without a doubt that technology has made our lives beyond easy and today accessing any sort of information is just a matter of seconds. Today, technology acts as an essential part of our lives and thinking to spend a life without its presence, but then many ponder over the fact that what made technology create such a huge impact on our lives and it not just change or modified the way we were living our lives but revolutionized it.

Today, we are tracing back to the initial points from where technology started merging itself in our lives and its journey to date that made it a successful revolution and created a huge impact in our daily lives. You can know more about technology and its various areas at

Beginning of the technology 

So, it was always there, but it took the right people to invent it. We human beings were leaving our lives as ignorant, and then the first ray of bulb hit us and then the way of technology never stopped, and it went on evolving itself. From that day today, it has really travelled a long way and now we are surrounded by technology in every step.

With the constant evolution, today, technology walks parallel to us or rather we should walk with us in our hands, in the face or form of handled devices and everything. Also, what emerged alone is now divided into several parts, thus sticking to the term “technology.”

Impacts of technology 

Technology is a huge success because it served people the best way and people understood its positive impact in their lives. Some of the great impacts of the technologies are:

Accessing information within seconds 

One of the major impacts that technology has created in our lives is giving us the way to access information on any or everything within seconds. So, if you now wish to know about the smallest to the biggest thing in the world, the internet in the form of technology can help you the best way.

Better employment opportunities

When technology wasn’t there, people really struggled harder to earn, but with the introduction of the technology, the employment opportunities have expanded as well.


With the introduction, development and the rise of the internet which is one of the biggest inventions of the technology, Globalization has been made possible, and people are now using the internet to connect to the people of different countries on one platform.

These are some of the major impacts that technology has created in our lives.