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Examining The Canadian Law Job Market in 2018

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Globalization, demographics, technology, and the economy are just some of the factors affecting the career of the average Canadian lawyer. Additionally, social media and electronic communication have changed the methods and rate of business operations. So, when looking for a job, is it a good idea to forge ahead alone, or work with a legal recruitment agency?The latter. Here’s why.

Consider two facts:

  • According to theFederation of Law Societies of Canada (FLSC), in 2016, Canada had 65,785 insured practicing members.
  • Canada has 14 provincial and territorial law societies representing more than 120,000 attorneys, reports FLSC. As of 2018, Canada has a population of 36,937,913.

That means that an already competitive job market is more filled than ever with highly qualified law school graduates, many of whom have stellar resumes documenting clerkships and who have published articles for leading law firms. The Canadian Bar Association published a report,“The Future of Legal Services In Canada: Trends and Issues” in June of 2013. They wrote that in“many cases economic power has shifted to the consumer…with buyers demanding more say on what lawyers do…how much they charge for it.” This distinctly contemporaryattitude underwrites and undercuts today’s legal job market. But you are not alone out there. A good professional legal recruiter is your business partner. No longer the niche market it was twenty-to-thirty years ago, looking for legal recruiters is easier than ever these days. They are your “middle man” that can provide results-oriented, expert advice. Here are just a handful of ways that a professional legal recruiter can help you in Canada’s legal market:

  • Millennials have re-mapped the legal job landscape. However, seasoned legal professionals are delaying retirement. Where do you fit in? A recruiter can assist you by targeting your unique profile.
  • Salary negotiation is an often painful, but necessary part of the job hunt. Money is the pivotal force in the legal world. A recruiter can help you use your unique qualifications to ensure that your salary is commensurate with your background. Recruiters can coach you how to ask for more money – and get it.
  • Ready to take the next step? You need to be prepared if you want to take your career to a new level. But should you pursue a position as a legal engineer, legal project manager, or solo practitioner? Legal recruiters know the lay of the land, which jobs are in demand and which are oversaturated.
  • Some legal professionals want a challenging career as well as time to devote to family. Down time can be rejuvenating, but attaining it while maintaining a lucrative law career can be a challenge. How do you get senior partners to create creative positions including part-time work, contract jobs, and work-at-home positions can be cost effective and beneficial? Recruiters can help you here, too.

Your legal career is one of the most important aspects of your life. Why take chances? Get help from a reliable, trustworthy business professional who can find the best solution for you and your employer.