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Easy SEO Tips for Job Seekers in 2017

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Maybe you’re unemployed and actively seeking a job, or perhaps you’re currently employed but always on the lookout for the next opportunity. Regardless, if you’re a job seeker on any end of the spectrum, there’s something that has the potential to be extremely important to your search, yet you’re probably overlooking it.

What is it?


SEO has become so pervasive in everything that we do, that it’s essential for people who are looking for a job as well.

Whether you have a personal branding website with your resume and portfolio, or you want to ensure hiring managers can find you in their database, the following are some easy SEO tips for job seekers to keep in mind in 2017.

Create or Revamp Your Personal Site

In 2017 your first priority as a professional, even if you’re not currently seeking a new job, should be to have a great personal website. If you don’t already have one, make it a goal to create one. If you do have one, it may be time to do some tweaking to ensure it’s fully optimized.

Your personal website is really the foundation of everything you do as a job seeker and a professional, and it needs to be good.

For example, what good would it be to work to optimize your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, only to have a non-existent or poorly done personal website to direct people to?

As you’re either creating or updating your personal website, start with SEO tools to find the right keywords and then you can use those same words on your social profiles and your resume.

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Think Like an ATS

An ATS is an applicant tracking system, and it’s the first hurdle you need to move past as a job seeker. When you create your resume, think in terms of an ATS and customize your submissions with that in mind.

Make sure you include relevant words and phrases that pertain to the specific job you’re interested in.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Along with having your personal branding site, you need to also have a LinkedIn profile, and it needs to be well-done. You need to make sure you have a professional photo, and you also need to specifically consider SEO here.

For example, your headline needs to have keywords that reflect your skills and the position you’re in or might be looking for. You can get a little creative, but if you try to be too gimmicky, it’s going to be difficult to find your profile.

Ensure that you use your LinkedIn summary to show recruiters what you’ve accomplished, and you might want to consider including a video introduction to yourself.

Finally, look at the building of your online personal brand as something you cultivate over time. Get the foundation there with relevant keywords and content, and then continue to work on it. Consider adding blogs to your site or LinkedIn profile,  make sure you regularly analyze your SEO to ensure it’s still where it needs to be at regular intervals, and add accomplishments you achieve over time. If you look at building your personal employee brand as something that you do consistently, you’ll always be ready for the next big opportunity.