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DMAE enhances brain capacity and keeps its users always energetic

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DMAE or Dimethylaminoethanol is a compound that is famous for its immense capacity to boost memory and enhance another mental capacity. It does this by dropping all those pigments that grow in the body and the brain just to erode natural capacity, and impair cognitive function of the brain. DMAE can also enhance levels of the chemicals involved in the normal functioning of memory.It can guard millions of neurons and other cells from the damaging effects from certain types of oxidation. It remains embedded in the plasma membrane of the cell and acts as an antioxidant, reducing or completely nullifying the effects of toxic materials and free radicals.

Constituents and characteristics of DMAE

Two primary constituents of DMAE are tertiary amine and primary alcohol groups. The alcohol functionality of the compound increases manifolds in presence of tertiary amine. The compound possesses low molecular weight that is why it is easily soluble in water. DMAE also possesses alkaline functionality which helps the manufacturers of different products to use various useful salts derived from DMAE.


Sources of DMAE

Common food sources of DMAE are anchovies, sardines, salmon, herring and many other sea fishes. It is also metabolically produced in quantities in the brain, testes and adrenal glands.

DMAE as neurotransmitter

DMAE is indispensable forthe production of acetylcholine in the body. Choline is essential for the body for multiple critical functions, like enhancing the utility of cell membrane and active functioning of the neurotransmitters called acetylcholine. Structurally, DMAE looks almost similar to chlorine, but functionally it is much more effective than Choline because it has one DMAE has one molecule of methyl less than Choline. Thus, it can easily cross the barrier between the brain and blood. After entering into the brain it forms acetylcholine with same characteristics as prepared by Choline, but much more promptly than Choline. This neurotransmitter plays a critical role in enhancing and preserving different brain functionalities including memory, learning and concentration.

Benefits of DMAE

DMAE has multifarious benefits for the human brain. Some of these benefits are as follows –

  • It boosts up multiples of brain functions including greater alertness, improved emotional states and greater control over thoughts and activities.
  • It makes a person more intelligent, more focused in life, and happier than before
  • It is proved by the researchers that DMAE increases concentration and memory. It also makes a person a better learner.
  • It lessens the effect of age on brain’s functionalities. It happens because the neurotransmitter formed by DMAE never dissipates with age when it is supplied from outside on a regular basis.
  • It also increases cognitive thinking, and creativity of a person.

Apart from its various benefits for the brain, DMAE is also known for its immense benefit for the skin. As skin gets older many problems appear like the following ones –

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Discoloration
  • Black and brows patches
  • Loss of firmness or elasticity

Supplementing with DMAE solves these sorts of problems and keep the skin fair, bright and young.

DMAE doses

Benefits derived from DMAE are indeed amazing, but individuals need certain doses on a regular basis. It the initial stages, daily 150mg of DMAE is sufficient. The dose can be increased up to 750mg daily after a few months.

DMAE is a safe and naturally available product. However, people with any existing health complicacy should fix their doses only after discussing with an expert.