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Common Causes of a Weakened Pelvic Floor

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Pelvic floor muscles can lose strength over time due to a number of reasons. Therefore, doing consistent Kegel exercises may help a person regain some of that lost pelvic floor strength. One way to take the sting out of pelvic floor problems is to understand signs and practices that may lead to the loosening of the muscles:

Stress incontinence

If you find yourself losing some few drops of urine when you laugh or sneeze, it could mean that your pelvic muscles are seriously weakening. Moreover, a persistent cough that is accompanied by drops of urine should also be a cause for concern, as it could also mean that the muscles cannot hold urine under pressure. These instances when an individual has little control over what the pelvic muscles do may cause stress,which is referred to as stress incontinence.

People with chronic coughing problems, such as bronchitis and asthma are particularly at risk for developing weak muscles in the pelvic area, as their insistent coughing will eventually lead to their weakening pelvic floor. This is why it is recommended that such individuals should be conversant with a Kegel exercise device that will help with the loosening muscles.

Pelvic Floor

Sudden gain in weight

Obesity is another major pointer that your pelvis could be in trouble. People who are drastically gaining weight should be twice as concerned because obesity comes with its own share of setbacks. As far as the pelvic muscles are concerned, the excessive weight may put a lot of pressure around the pelvic area, leading to the weakening of the muscles on the pelvis.


If you are a victim of some serious constipation episodes every time you have a meal, it could spell out trouble for your pelvic muscles. Repeated straining on the toilet over time can lead to pelvic muscle weakness. The best way to approach this is to understand proper toilet habits and minimize intake of foods that are bound to cause constipation.

Heavy lifting and high impact exercises

This is the kind of thing that can cause pelvic muscle weakness in men. As ironic as it may sound, the human body can only take so much pressure. Furthermore, men and women in certain professions such as courier services, usually use a lot of muscle for power and this can take its toll on the pelvic muscles.

Similarly, a high impact sports such as basketball and soccer as well as running could increase the risk of leaking urine, especially in women. Even elite athletes are not safe. As a counter-measure, doubling exercises with pelvic muscle training using Kegel exercise devices could save your pelvic muscles.

These are just some few scenarios and factors that can lead to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. Doing regular pelvic exercises, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, will help a great deal.