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Can you be Salvador Dali or Freddie Mercury?  

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Facial hair is quite trendy nowadays. Check these five facts about the moustache and decide do you want to be mustachioed. 

#1. Color can be different

The color of your hair and moustache can be different, and it’s a normal phenomenon. Many factors can change the color of your moustache – the sun, stress, ageing, etc. That’s why you shouldn’t freak out if you have brown hair and a red beard.

 #2. Tools are essential

You are not Robinson Crusoe. Whether you already have a moustache or want to get one, it’s important to understand the fact that you won’t survive without tools. There are two basic tools you will desperately need – scissors and a comb. These two will help you to keep your moustache in ultimately awesome condition. 

#3. Diet is essential

It’s important to nourish your moustache from the inside, that’s why healthy food should become an indispensable part of your life. According to New York barbers, the right food can make your moustache feel and look much healthier. It’s time to say goodbye to fast food. 

#4. Form yourself

If you’re not satisfied with your appearance, a moustache can help you to mask some weaknesses. It is one of the most important facts about moustache because it’s truly life changing! You can deflect attention from a large nose, for example, with the help of a full moustache. 

#5. Use proper products

New York barbers underline the importance of products in your regular grooming routine. You won’t make it without beard oil, which is great at softening your moustache, and conditioner, which ensures proper nourishment and hydration.

If it isn’t scary, you are welcome to the whiskered club!