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Busting the Thailand Myth

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Human growth hormones (HGH) are of huge demand among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The lack of availability and stringent rules regarding the procurement of HGH makes it a very sought after product. Due to all the hurdles in the way for bodybuilders to obtain high-quality HGH like Jintropin AQ, many myths have been propagated which fool eager individuals who jump at the word of it. It is important to see through such hoaxes and have a well-informed idea about how to get any such drug. As a case study, we will observe the popular myth of easy availability of Jintropin AQ in Thailand.

Before you start packing your bags and boarding a train, take a look at the ground realities regarding this claim. There is a widespread perception that Thailand is a country where most rules are relaxed and that it is a haven for easily obtaining any product at a very low price. The truth is far from this. Just like in the United States, the rules in Thailand strictly states that only patients with a prescription from a licensed doctor should be provided drugs like Jintropin AQ. It is legal for approved medical purposes. However, it is possible to find a medical professional willing to write you a script for bodybuilding for a fee. Also, it’s just as likely that you could accomplish the same thing in your home base. It is to be noted that it is illegal to do the above-mentioned activity. The black market in Thailand is very famous for its HGH products. You might be able to spot pharmacies that will sell HGH without a prescription. Popular website boasts of multiple user groups where people exchange ideas, sell used items and offer advice. Since this website is in the local Thai language, it may prove to be difficult for foreign individuals to make the most out of it, unless you are proficient in the language. If you have mastered the language, then it might be a great asset when hunting down HGH and steroids as the locals will be able to send you in the right direction.

You can save a whole lot of trouble by avoiding such illegal activity and going for supplements that can boost your own HGH levels without going on an international flight. Jintropin AQ in Thailand is the same drug that is exported to other parts of the globe. It is illegal to import from Thailand and you will find obstacles at both boarding and arriving air ports. While you are in Thailand, be wary of fake products and rip offs that can be very harmful to your body. In the end, if you think that flying to Thailand to purchase a year’s worth of HGH and steroids for your personal use is worth the plane ticket, you’re going to waste your time and money. It’s just adding an extra challenge to the difficult task of finding a regular supply, and it’s totally illegal. Your local connections at the gym and continued research on the internet will result in a more convenient solution and likely a smaller price tag than HGH in Thailand.