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Birth Certificate Replacement

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A birth certificate is among the most useful identification documents. It is referred to when you are acquiring other documents later in life including passport, enrolling in school, seeking to enjoy government benefits, making a claim on insurance and pension, joining the military, and obtaining a social security card. Among the vital information found in a birth certificate include:

  • Your full name
  • Time and date of your birth
  • City or county where you were born
  • Your parents’ full names including the maiden name of your mother where applicable

Additionally, birth certificates can contain extra information including both parents’ birthplaces, address, occupation, ethnicity, and the number of older siblings.

It is common to have lost or misplaced your birth certificate by the time you require it to obtain other vital documents later in life. You will need to have the original document replaced. Luckily, this is a routine procedure in all the states in the country and all its former territories. However, it is worth noting that a birth certificate replacement can be certified or non-certified. You can only use a non-certified replacement for informational purposes. A certified replacement copy is a legal document which contains a raised registrar’s seal, the date when the birth was filed, and the registrar’s signature. Births must be filed with Registrar of Persons within one year after the occurrence.

Birth Certificate Replacement Within the U.S’s 50 States

Birth certificates can only be replaced in the state, county, district, or territory where one’s birth was initially filed. There are three basic methods of having your birth certificate replaced. Online, through the postal system, and visiting the registry in person. Online certificates only take a few hours to be ready, while using the postal system will take you one to two weeks before your certificate can be prepared. However, take note that the process can lug for months during summer travel times and at the onset of a school year. Visiting the issuing office in person to have your birth certificate replaced is the most efficient method since you can have your document within one hour. VisitFastBirthCertificates.comto get help with a birth certificate replacement.

US Citizens Living in Former Territories
Birth certificate replacement for citizens who were born in the US can be done from vital statistics offices in the US former territories of the Pacific between 1947 and 1986, the Panama Canal Zone before October 1, 1997, the Northern Mariana Islands before 1986 and the Philippines, before July 4, 1946.

A birth certificate replacement should be certified for it to be a legally accepted document. You should make some copies of the replacement certificate and secure them for future use when applying for passports, driver’s license, and professional certificates.