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Are infertility and depression related to each other?

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Infertility: what is it all about?

First and foremost, let us know a little bit about infertility, in case your partner is trying his level best to get you pregnant, but everything has gone in vain, then it’s time to think about it again and get both you and your partner checked, as soon as you can.

Let’s have a look at the basics first. How are babies made, biologically?

Trying to getting pregnant, seems simple, man and women go into love making which means sperm has to meet egg which will eventually make a baby, right! Well! Almost! But still not there. A number of things have to be considered before the man can actually ‘impregnant’ his lady love.

Female’s biological body

An egg is the most important thing to be released by a woman, in order to bear a child, but that’s not all, the egg has to be inseminated by her partner’s sperm. Her getting menstrual cycle is also a very important part, on the 14th day of her cycles, can she release an egg, called ovulation. The egg has to travel to the fallopian tube into the womb where it has to be inseminated. Wow! That is something !And some people think just a little foreplay or a little love making , one night in bed and the next morning the lady is pregnant!!

Male’s biological body

Now, let us see how a man’s body reacts, how easily they arose and what happens next. A man must be able to generate a good amount of healthy sperms. Made in male reproductive organs, travel through epididymis and stay in seminal vesicles. It is important for a male to unload the sperm into his lady love’s vagina during sex making process

Now, I hope all of you have come to know the basic method of ‘conceiving’, but this doesn’t apply to everyone, yes, that’s right, not every woman can conceive( due to a number of reasons, let’s leave this topic to sometime else and let me focus on writing, what I was supposed to ). Infertility can lead to depression, anxiety, and many more emotional, psychological things. It is all the more prevalent in women who had previous episodes of both anxiety and depression. These women feel all the more disappointed. Levels of both these things vary. Women were found to be on the higher side of depression and being anxious when it was time for the embryo to be transferred. There are many IVF Centre in India, which give the best out of best treatments.

Women going through fertility treatments may hesitate in taking medicines, suitable for managing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Medicine, which can continue throughout pregnancy, can be taken. In case the anxiety levels of the lady getting treated for Ivf is lesser, then she can most probably not use the medicine until the IVF process has come to an end.  Female Infertility Treatment is very common in many parts of the globe.

IVF Treatment Cost is also on a higher side, so one has to plan before planning for it.