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Antilog Vacations Review: Complete Worth Of Money

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Cross Bill Beach Resort is the perfect natural setting to take abode in for a relaxing holiday. I was there with my family last month. The journey was comfortable and the kids enjoyed it.

The resort is located at the brink of the beach and white shiny sands ornament the views beyond which there is the infinity of waters. The building is built in a hut structure and it really compliments the natural environment well.

The room has all the amenities and worked well by the staff, it is immaculate and always maintained so with the regular efforts of cleaning and furbishing. The room was spacious and gave a heartwarming view of the sea and beach.The TV and AC worked well and the sofa and decor in the room was clean and suiting the ambiance. The bathroom fittings were modern and enough of regular stuff. Read Review of Antilog Vacations.

Antilog Vacations

The beach started at the second step from the hut. It was refreshing and very scintillating. The snorkeling ride was full of fun and we explored the sea lives with our eyes. We saw a lot of exceptional creatures like the sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, cat fish, jelly fishes and many more. The scooter rides were also thrilling. The water was ever so clear and tranquil.

The staff was very helping and friendly. All of them spoke good English. The food in the hotel was really commendable. We loved the food and the kids’ stomach too lurched for it after returning from there. Complete worth for money along with the services of Antilog Vacations! You can also put perfection in your holiday visit with the same name, for that firstly go through Antilog Vacations Reviews.