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Our editorial team consists of very highly educated people who have several years of experience to back their capabilities. Some of them have even completed their Ph.D. and are working with us because of their passion and interest in collaborating with new editors to offer readers with the best possible news articles on a daily basis.

Editor in chief – Led by a very powerful leader in the form of Tim Collins who is the founder and owner of, Tim is in charge of all the departments. As a blogger, he always had the desire to start his own news and media website, which he finally did.

Executive editor – Our executive editor is Alena James who is extremely talented and experienced. She is a writer by passion has been working for for several years. Alena also has an interest in music. She has penned some exciting articles which you might want to read during your free time.

Executive Editor – Verna Howe is another of our talented executive editors who is very skilled in what she does.  Verna’s posts are very popular among readers.

Chief publisherDaryl Mally is a very talented writer and she specializes in writing articles that require plenty of research and work. You can always find her with her laptop.

Social media manager – Josh Grubbs is the social media manager of Josh was hired because of his blogging skills. He can write blogs in a very interesting manner that has readers glued to his articles.

Chief Editor – Norma Sokol used to work in the health department earlier. Now she is retired and writes articles and blogs. Norma likes to write articles based on health and fitness.

Rt ben – Rt ben is a content writer/blogger who is also an SEO expert. She can write as well as promote content online.

We at Newsworld-air are proud of who we are and cherish our work.

Our Mission

Our mission to provide our readers with quality content in the form of news articles based on different topics like general news, business & finance, health, tech updates, entertainment, and fashion & shopping. It is because of such dedicated staff we aspire to move forward ensuring that we provide our readers with quality news every day.


“I can say that without a doubt this is one of the best news sites I have come across in a very long time. News articles are precise and to the point.”

Ted, California 

“I was searching for some quality articles on health and business. That is when I came across I have no regrets till today.”

Jemina, United Kingdom

“ has really taken news articles to a next level. Their team is doing a great job, love the manner in which the website is designed and updated regularly.”

Bhardwaj, India

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the community – We ensure that our readers have a fruitful and beneficial time in reading and posting comments on our news articles and blogs. We respect and value your time. Please make sure that you have the following in mind when sharing your thoughts and comments which are very valuable to us.

Respect others – When sharing your thoughts and writing comments, please avoid using negative language and comments in poor light, which can otherwise ruin the clean image of ours.

Clean space – We at the community feel that our readers should not feel threatened or unsafe. Unwanted comments, insults, hostility will not be welcomed in any manner and you will be removed with immediate effect.

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A: No, you need a Facebook account to comment.

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A: Once you comment on through Facebook, the comment will be published through Face book. You will, however, be advised to go through the Facebook at

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A: You don’t have to posts through Facebook, you can simply un-check “post to profile” and you can “also post to Facebook” below the comment box.

Q: Can I include a link to my comment?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I follow your bloggers?

A: You can through their social media links.

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